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Some writing can become classics without their texts it becomes. The reason they still nyöversätts and will in the reprint does not depend on the reading experience but on the experience of reading a text written by an extreme, mythical or meaningful personality.

An example is ockultisten Aleister Crowley . His texts, whether it is magic or drugs or sex, will be out in new editions, despite the fact that they are barely readable. It is because of Crowley himself has inspired so many through his life, through the myths that he or others have spun around him.

another example could be Marquis de Sade , even if I myself think it is unfair. Before the translator, Hans Johansson made his mastodontinsats to make Said items available to Swedish readers, was the number of pages written by others, and that was about the marquis and his life much more than his own.

Therefore it is reasonable how the publisher of the Wormwood go about it when they for the first time giving out to the island felt satanisten Stanislaw Przybyszewskis texts in Swedish. Requiem is in itself a work of art: The two kilos of heavy volume, has a circulation limited to (of course) 666 copies, it is printed in tvåfärg and is fitted with (of course) 77 admirable originalträsnitt, Jan Kralbet Nilsson . And, of course, made up a third of the book of texts about the author, written by a motley crowd, from the Vilhelm Ekelund to Ebba Witt-Brattström .

It is enough not only I have fallen in love me in the Early novel, Inferno (1897), which depicts the defeated by exile through to Berlin and Paris, the possible psychosis and the metaphysical crisis. And I’m probably not alone in having wondered Przybyszewski. He plays the main players in Strindberg’s paranoia – of course based on infidelity, manlighetsångest and jealousy.

During the mythical time at the restaurant the Black Pig in Berlin quarreled the Swedish skandalförfattaren and the Polish satanisten if the same women. Especially if the alliance Dagny Juel , which was Przybyszewskis wife, finally, murdered: typical. Strindberg believed that P. wanted to kill him, but it was the wife that landed. Her exciting fate, we get to familiarize ourselves with in one of the book’s essays.

In Requiem may the swedes a chance to read the most important of Przybyszewskis texts: eleven short stories/prosadikter, a novel and six books of essays, well translated by the Jens Ahlberg and Hjalmar Falk . Author (1868-1927) of the publisher, satanismspecialisten Per Faxneld , credible has been identified as the first real satansdyrkare.

This will be enough to attract interested readers. I believe, however, that few of these will enjoy polackens texts: rarely have I read something so monotonous and, in the absence of drama, pauses, reflection, rhythm, interpretation.

It is such as Vilhelm Ekelund, however, admiringly, writing:

”Each kit quivers of nervous life, the depiction is of glowing strength, its atmosphere overwhelms, wears a with itself, violently suggestive and numbing.”

Which could also have been a review of a concert with the satanic black metal band Gorgoroth.