Love exists in all shapes, sizes and ages. It is the recurring theme in the new documentary ‘Extreme Love’, which will premiere 28. december in the u.s. pay tv We TV.

the Series is based on a digital tv series with the same name and portrays the pains of few of unusual and unexpected relationships.

Among the protagonists, who also represent polyamorøse vampires, adult babies, and of love-slaves, is the 31-year-old Kyle, who is deeply in love with his girlfriend, 91-year-old Marg.

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The 60-year old granny is not the only woman in kyle’s love life. He later, also Annie, who with his 68 years, is somewhat younger than Marg, but still over twice as old as Kyle. It writes among other things the Daily Mail.

Although the two are very fond of Onbahis each other, Kyle also has a second girlfriend – the 68-year-old Annie. Photo: We TV pr photo

In the documentary series, which among other things showcases the love between Kyle and Marg with a heartfelt kissing, tells the honest 31-year-old about it, he even calls for a granny-fetish.

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– I’m drawn towards older women, Kyle says, in the documentary series, where you as a viewer, among many other romances can meet Shawna, whose fiance, Dave, have spent a small fortune on to expand its collection of sexrobot-dolls. His latest robot-buy he refers to as his ‘life’s love’ despite the fact that he is soon to give its ‘yes’ to Shawna.

Meet the also 47-year-old Andy, who fell in love with his friend’s 16-year-old daughter – now they have two children.