For two and a half years ago was the tv doctor Charlotte Bøving, which among other things is known from the DR programme ’the Doctor moves in’, found incurable cancer in the small intestine and the abdominal cavity.

Now have a tv-doctor had removed 70 centimeters of small intestine and six kræftknuder, and all the cancer is apparently out. It writes JydskeVestkysten Thursday.

the Tv doctor’s cancer had been missed in over eight years. Photo: Michael Stub

Tv-doctor bothered with volvulus the first time in 2010. But neither the at a consultation at the Bispebjerg Hospital in 2010, or a visit at the Sydvestjysk Hospital in Esbjerg in 2014 was the reason for the tarmslynget found.

In 2016, got Charlotte so found incurable cancer, and she prepared to die.

But a German doctor gave her hope.

It was a German doctor, who worked at the Hospital of southern Jutland in Aabenraa, who came to me Bahis Siteleri because she had read my book, where I also wrote about my illness. She believed that the cancer could be. That was why I asked Skejby Hospital for a second opinion, says Charlotte Bøving to JydskeVestkysten.

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She was, therefore, operated on 27. november at Aarhus university Hospital Skejby.

Skejby Hospital had, up to the operation, closely examined Charlotte Bøvings journal. The hospital spent scanning images from the university of copenhagen and Esbjerg, where you found kræftknuderne.

Charlotte Bøvings cancer had been overlooked for over eight years.

– They have been true professionals in Skejby. I have been in the hands of one of the world’s leading operators, surgeon, Mette Møller and her team, says Charlotte Bøving.

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Charlotte Bøving is grateful that the surgery went well. But if the cancer had been discovered eight years ago, it could have been operated back in those days.

– I am going to run a case. It’s not about compensation, but about learning. Of course I’m angry, ” says Charlotte Bøving.

Charlotte was discharged 5. december.