It is not only the azure blue water, white sandy beaches and exotic nature, which is to get tourists to go to the ferieparadiset Hawaii in the Pacific ocean.

the US 50. the state has also a number of national parks where tourists can get acquainted with the archipelago’s rich wildlife.

Some times it comes to nature, however, a little too close, and so can the local media Hawaii Tribune Herald report that the feral pigs on the archipelago’s largest island, the Big Island, has been so aggressive against both local and tourists, the authorities now have gone into the matter.

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Dean Takabayashi, from Hawaii’s Department of Land and Natural Resources Division’ tells the so that the officials commenced a cooperation with the local residents living around the parks to find out how they find a solution, so people do not come to harm when meeting with the pigs.

so far, there has not been reported any incidents of outright injury, but the authorities are experiencing in higher level reports about pigs that have been aggressive and tried to attack.

so far, two parks put up signs that warn tourists to feed the pigs, which among other things can be found at the popular tourist attraction is Rainbow Falls in Hilo and Wailoa River State Recreation Area in Hilo, and Akaka Falls State Park in Honomu.

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recently saw Dan Brinkman, director of the eastern part of the archipelago health system, Hawaii Health Systems Corporation, that he had to run for his life, as he visited the Rainbow Falls, because an aggressive pig suddenly ran after him and tried to attack.

He believes that it is the tourists, which contributes to the problem, as it greatly are the ones who feed them.

– They (the pigs, the red.) has been is a huge problem and is dangerous to the public. Because they have become so accustomed to getting food from people, they have lost the fear of the people, he said to the local media, and continues:

– Feral pigs, especially a sow with piglets are dangerous and their bite and tusks can cause significant damage and infections.

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One of Dan Brinkmans employees by the name of Michelle, who was in the park, as Brinkman was the attack agree that it greatly is people who feed the pigs, that is the problem.

She visits the park every morning and often see people giving the pigs food.

– recently, I saw a woman ae one of the pigs, and as she looked the other way, bed the her in the thigh. And as late as this week, I saw a man come running in his car and throw a lot of avocados out to the piglets and their mother. I often see people who just come to feed them, and don’t seem to understand that pigs actually can be dangerous, ” she says, and continues:

– The more you feed them, the more it calls on them to attack people. They will no longer be afraid of people, and I am worried that tourists, small children and even I myself will get hurt.

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