HALDEN, norway (Dagbladet): the Life of the 41-year-old man who is imprisoned for four weeks for attempted murder against the police, stands as a great mystery.

Already the day the police had received the package, they looked at the man as a possible moduskandidat, because of his long-standing conflict with the police.


the Conflict spans over ten years back in time.

He put when a white Ford Mondeo with a significant amount of explosives in front of the lensmannskontoret in Lørenskog and threatened to blow up the car in the air whether or not he had disclosed the PC equipment that the police had seized.

Threatened to blow up the apartment block he lived in,

the Man surrendered finally to the police, and was later sentenced to one year imprisonment.

Since that time man shall have distanced themselves ever more from the community.

the Entries on him in the public records is almost non-existent and the information on the man under his real name are very limited.

– Can change the identity

the Newspaper know, however, that the man operates with other names, including on the internet. He has been very active on social media and in other forums.

“I can change identity as easily as people eat a Grandiosa” he writes under a different name.

BOMBEMANN: the Man in the 40-years that should have sent a bomb to politihuset in the Ski, is imprisoned with the letter and restraining order in four weeks. The first two weeks have served on the isolation, decided Halden district court today. Video: hegelstad eiendomsselskap arvid b. hegelstad Mogen and John T. Pedersen. Show more

According to Dagbladet information 41-year-old have operated with several names on his own mailbox at the address where he is registered in Skedsmokorset, where the police went to a storaksjon Friday night.

The last time, however, should the man have had been living a totally different place. Even behind closed doors during the first fengslingsmøtet yesterday, did not want the man to provide towards the judge and the police where he is staying.

Live in a trailer in the woods

Attorney John Christian the Fire has taken on the mission to defend the man.

He is now receiving disability benefits and very busy data. He lives for himself, does not have contact with very many people and lives in a trailer in the forest, says the Fire to the Newspaper.

Charged with bombemann in court: – I hung out for something I’m not

In the early summer of last year, and he threatened to blow up the block that he has as the residential address at Skedsmokorset. The police caught when out with stigebiler and marksmen before he was apprehended. The case was then dismissed on the doubt about the sanity, and the man has since remained as good as gone from the apartment.

– He has not been there in a couple of years. He would distance himself after the conflict that happened in the last year. After that he has not wanted to stay there to not disrupt and destroy for the neighbors, ” says the Fire to the Newspaper.

Monitored own apartment

the Newspaper know that the man should have known that the police investigated him after they had visited the address of his. He was not at home, but have installed several cameras pointing out from the apartment.

– This is his place of residence. He has been when people have been there and now when the police have been by, say Fire, to Dagbladet.

Charged with bombemann imprisoned in the four weeks

After that he understood that the police investigated him for bombetrusselen, he took contact with the lawyer.

He has written hundreds of letters to the police, never answer and never counsel. Then he may do something before he gets the help of the police, is what he says. When he found out that he was suspected, he got the final touch with a lawyer, says the Fire.

I hung out

41-year-old refuses straffskyld and appealed his incarceration in four weeks on-site. The husband has several health problems, but the court decided that these must give way for the consideration of the investigation of the case, at the same time that he must receive medical follow-up in prison.

questions from the Newspaper if he has something he want to say, the man said the following when he arrived at the court:

– I was not apprehended. I made an appointment with politiadvokaten. I want to correct the image, because I believe there is an error it is written that I was arrested, he said to Dagbladet.

I hung out for something I’m not.

– Feel he has not been believed

Among the police’s most important tasks ahead is to find out whether the man’s other living spaces. The police want to search for places where he could have had shelter, but know not about all.

BOMBEMANN: the Man in the 40-years that should have sent a bomb to politihuset in the Ski, is imprisoned with the letter and restraining order in four weeks. The first two weeks have served on the isolation, decided Halden district court today. Video: hegelstad eiendomsselskap arvid b. hegelstad Mogen and John T. Pedersen. Show more

– In such a serious matter as this digs into his history. Everything from his health status, his abilities and if he has done something similar previously, is an important part of the survey, says politiadvokat John Skarpeid to the Newspaper.

– do you Think he has tried to refrain himself the police’s attention?

He gives a signal that he has a rather strained relationship to the public authorities, in particular the police. He has a perception of the police which shows that he is not satisfied with the police’s behaviour. He feels not that he has been thought of or heard. There is a lot of it goes on, ” says politiadvokaten even.

– at Least 100 letters

41-year-old himself has explained it so that he has not had the desire to harm police officers, but that he turn and go the other way if he sees them on the street.

In the ruling from the Halden district court, states:

SOON: A large area around the man’s residence were evacuated Friday night. The police feared there might be explosives on-site. They have yet to control at other places the man may have stayed. Photo: Christian Roth Christensen / Dagbladet Show more

“the Defendant has been refused legal assistance in over ten years. He has sent at least 100 letter to the police the last ten years, where he has asked for a solution, questioned, confronted them with the lies and why they have done that they have done. The defendant has not received a reply,” it says from his explanation.

Found the handwriting on the package

Among the police’s main evidence is the handwriting that was on the header.

the Police investigation shows that it is probable that siktedes handwriting was on the package. Halden district court and the police considered it also that it is not excluded that it can be linked other people to the event.

But the man also has gone longer in his contact with the police than to send the letter. In 2008, parked he, among others, a car with explosives outside the lensmannskontoret at Lørenskog and threatened to blow up the car in the air. For a half years since he shall also have tagged down the Nedre Romerike district court and lensmannskontoret at Lørenskog.

the Police believe it was the same man who constructed the homemade bomba and delivered it at the Post office for sending to the East police district on Wednesday this week.

– Suitable to kill the

) as Wednesday aroused suspicion on the politihuset in Skiing led to an evacuation of about half the politihuset and a very dramatic action.

When the police the day after went public and told that it was a sharp bomb that was intended and with the potential to kill, was the case-seriously really clear.

Halden district court reviews bomba as “a bombeliknende pantry that was suitable to kill”.

Police said then that they had no suspects for having sent the package, but the Newspaper knows that the police already this day had a 41-year-old in kikkeren.

While refusing 41-year-old to have had something with the header to do, but for the police he was quickly a moduskandidat because of the long-standing conflict.

the Package was addressed to one of the tjenestestedene in the East standings, but not to a specific politiansatt. However, there are Ski politihus that receives all of the mail to the district, and it was the civilian employees at the postmottaket where who with his cunning managed to prevent bomba went off.

The charged bombemannens long dossier: – A regular citizen who feels overrun by the system