Zlatan Ibrahimovic+ FÖLJBekräftar: Zlatan stays in the Galaxy”Has promised and he stands by it”Photo: BILDBYRÅNSPORTBLADET

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 37, staying in the LA Galaxy.

It confirms Milan’s sporting director Leonardo.

– We were hungry for a transition, but ”Ibra” has promised the Galaxy to stay, ” he says.

There has been intense about Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 37, could be on its way back to european football. Italian media have stated that a comeback to ac Milan is imminent.

So it will not be, according to Milan’s sporting director Leonardo.


On Sunday night, he goes out and confirms that the deal will not go in the lock.

– Zlatan has promised LA Galaxy to stay. We (Milan) and Zlatan was keen on a move, but stands firm on what he has promised and remains in the MLS, ” says Leonardo, according to the Italian media.

”Meet his conditions”

According to the Leonardo has Told the future in the MLS hanging on to the Galaxy to ”meet his Holiganbet requirements”. Exactly what he means by it is only possible to speculate, but reasonably, it is about the Swedish striker has wanted to get a warranty on the Galaxy – who missed the playoffs this season – are going to do a hefty bet for the next season.

– Zlatan already said from the beginning that, if the Galaxy meeting his conditions, then he will stay. It makes them – and he’s going to stay. It had been a great story if he had come back to Milan and it had so clearly been a lot of signal value in such a transition, but it will not be possible, ” says Leonardo.

It should be added that the LA Galaxy have not yet confirmed the news.

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