Sugardating has gained major media attention in recent years, datingsiderne reports on the explosive increase of the profiles and the great search, and opinion-formers to debate extensively whether it is the grey area-prostitution or sex work, or to act as a gateway thereto.

But no one knows really how widespread the sugardating is, who the sugarbabes are, and what drives them.

It won the Danish researcher now trying to remedy with the first european research project on the subject.

With a budget of 4.9 million dollars in back is the Danish kĂžnsforsker Christian Groes, Roskilde University, head of the new project, which, among other things, to examine why young women and men are included in sugardating.

the Velux Foundation stands behind the appropriation for the project, which will be in collaboration between Roskilde university, Aarhus University, RedenUng, VIVE (The National Research and analysis centre for Welfare and health), Copenhagen municipality, Ballerup Municipality, The Young people’s House, LGBT+ Denmark, Headspace and Red Cross Youth.

Through surveys, interviews and fieldwork among young sugardatere must gather knowledge about the different types of exchanges in sugardating on a continuum from regular dating to prostitution.

We took hold of the Christian Groes, one of the few in denmark has been researching sex work in Denmark and abroad:

– the Project has several objectives. Partly quantitative, e.g. how many there are, where live, how old are they and so on. And so the qualitative, which is based on questionnaires and interviews with the sugarbabes. Why do they do it, what problems they experience, what can you do to help those who have problems etc.

– Now, it is far from all who experience their sugardating as a problem, or feel isolated or stigmatized and marginalized, but one of the goals of the project is to find out how you can actually help those who have problems, ” explains Christian Groes and suggest that it is one of the reasons that RedenUng example is with the appearance.

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– What challenges are you intending to find out that these young people Bahis Siteleri have?
– Even if you do not see yourself on slut, you can still get problems, which may be due to the very unclear rules and undefined borders, which is characteristic of the sugardating. Where you in plain sexabejde is quite sharp on what needs to be done and at what price and for how long, is it floating in sugardating. What do you get, what to provide?

– Therefore, the young people’s limits will be pushed and violated, you can be emotionally engaged, and bound, and materially dependent on its sugar daddy. There are many intricate types of dependence at stake and the risk of loneliness and isolation, says Christian Groes. the
Christian Groes is one of the very few Danish researchers who have studied sex work. Private
the Researcher explains that sugardating reflects the complexity of transactions in the relationships can be: In the continuum that goes from dating and a cup of coffee on one side and sex for cash, on the other hand, there are plenty of nuances, where most of the even has been, May have given his girlfriend a gift and hoped for retaliation…

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Groes tells that they will identify all kinds of sugarbabes, i.e. both women and men, where in the country there are the most, the different ethnic groups and their socio-economic background.

the Participants will find several locations eg via RedenUng, on social media, where scientists will be posting invitations to sign up and possibly through the various sugardatingsider.

– – sugardating-the phenomenon is surrounded by myths and prejudices, which we also professional have. We must try to put from us and meet the young people at eye level and without condemnation.

Christian Groes tells that the research project is finished in three years, but already about half a year’s time, the first results out,

– What are they, five million?
– They are going to pay for those who will do the survey, I should for example be purchased free from a part of my daily work at Roskilde University, and then to use resources on the data analysis, seminars and so on. It is quite a common procedure in the way to finance and conducts research in the day.

As part of the project is to develop social initiatives around the country that can address young people’s marginalisation and give them access to support, including the strengthening of their social networks, and together with the young people develop alternatives to sugardating. Development includes knowledge sharing, brobygningsindsatser and the training of professionals around the management of young people in sugardating.