The left alliance, former mp, kotka doctor Pentti Tiusanen is dead.

the newspaper, according to the information Pentti Tiusanen died on a Friday and Saturday night between.

Tiusanen work left alliance mps for the years 1995-2011.

the Eagle city council he sat from 1980 onwards.

the Council next Monday’s meeting agenda was removed during the weekend Tiusasta the point where the council had to decide Tiusanen the possible arrest of the board of governors of working with her to get his Slot Oyunları criminal charges.

Ex-mps and kotka city councilman Pentti Tiusanen is dead. Juha Metso / AOP

the Kymenlaakso district court started at the end of November to deal with behind closed doors Tiusasta the case in which ex-mps accused of sexual abuse. The prosecutor is demanding Tiusaselle at least 10 months of conditional imprisonment.

the 69-year-old Tiusanen denied the charges and told the case is connected to his work as a doctor. Tiusanen worked Bees as a doctor.

the left-wing federal Eagle council, a group separated Tiusanen the right treatment for the duration of their group work.

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