The “Rigoletto”, with Daniele Gatti a few days ago, the Opera season in Rome has opened, was a Triumph: jubelndes audience, avid media. And now he could also sign a contract that is far more than just a contract A rematch namely, Rehabilitation.

a few months ago it did not look good for Gatti’s professional future. Because of the widely sought-after conductor, who had worked from 2009 to 2012 as chief conductor at the Zurich Opera house was in the #MeToo whirlpool. In the “Washington Post”, accusing him of two sopranos to have you in the years 1996, respectively, 2000 being harassed. At the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra, whose chief conductor Gatti was since 2016, launched a survey – and because there were apparently musicians, the “inappropriate behaviour” reported, was released, the 57-year-old Italian last August without notice.

Gatti has denied the allegations vehemently, apologized for the case that someone actually harassed should, and a lawsuit against the Concertgebouw announced. Since then one hears nothing more from any side.

Or at least nothing out of the musical. Because Gatti conducts long ago: Finally, legally it is nothing against him, because it would be expensive for the orchestra, under existing contracts and to get out. These contracts extend far into the future, and they are illustrious. So Gatti will be conducting starting in 2020 in Bayreuth for a period of five years, a new “Ring des Nibelungen”: the More a point of honour.

Betmarino Win-win Situation

The appointment in Rome is a different case. The “Rigoletto was agreed” long ago; but the election of the chief conductor (for three years, starting in January 2019) was only possible because Gatti was free. Want to be called: whatever that may be in Amsterdam happened – if anything happened at all – played for this decision is not a role. Gatti is considered to be selectable, his career can go on. Even where there is no old contracts.

The result is a classic Win-win Situation. Gatti is happy to be back in business – only the second Italian address in addition to La Scala, but still. And also, the Romans are likely to be more than satisfied. A conductor of Gatti’s caliber, you would have had under normal circumstances would hardly undertake. And for him, no one more “can be accused of improper” behavior, he will undoubtedly be concerned.

Because without a trace of the past months are not gone: Shortly after the appointment of those came yesterday that Gatti had to cancel after a heart rhythm disorder, some of the performances. (

Created: 07.12.2018, 20:46 PM