Queen Margrethe stayed at the Jinling Hotel in Nanjing, when she visited China in 2014, and when the five-star hotel is good enough for our head of state, is it also good enough for me.

the City of Nanjing is capital of Jiangsu province in eastern China. By chinese standards is Nanjing not any big city with ’only’ one million inhabitants.

Nanjing has other relations than the queen, and the Communists issued. The queen visited the bl.a. the city for the honour of the dane Bernhard Arp Sindberg, who helped save the 20,000 chinese, when the japanese occupied the city in 1937 and killed about 300,000 chinese.

Sindberg is embraced in Nanjing mindehal for the massacre. Queen Margrethe visited the hall of fame, which unfortunately was closed during the Maintenance visit.

Photo: Poul Husted

Room 4403 is kept in a simple style, but that is what should be, and everything works.

<p class="body__p Jestbahis “> many of the hotels in the West, there is also a bible in the room. On 4403 however, it is a chinese bible, president Xi Jinpings ’The Governance of China’. Politiken issued after unfortunately not getting the read.

Services and facilities: No fewer than seven eateries have the Jinling Hotel, and there are both western and asian buffets. This signature love dumplings, and they are available for all meals, but after a seven-eight pieces for breakfast in the restaurant on 56. floor, do it well with a piece of bread with cheese.

Photo: Poul Husted

the Breakfast has both asian and western food.

the Staff at the Jinling is extremely polite and helpful. They do everything that the guest should feel well at ease, and also help with writing the addresses on the destinations in chinese for taxi drivers.

Conclusion: the Hotel is luxury, but still, you can be lucky and get a room down to about 600 dollars, and there is no lack of anything – on the contrary. The hotel has everything what a modern traveler can wish for.