He has been among the favorites for many years for his fight against sexual assault as a weapon of war.

Her world had not heard of until she escaped from the ICE of terror and told me about the genocide of the yazidierna and about how she was raped and sold as a sex slave.

On Sunday, walked Nadia Murad and Denis Mukwege side-by-side into the Norwegian Nobelhögkvarterets grand premises in order to tell you how it feels to receive what is known as the world’s finest price.

and on the nordkurdiska dialect of the kurdish people told Murad via an interpreter about how honored she is.

” This is a great day for all yazidier, affected by the violence. 3,000 women are still in the ICE violence. By the Peace get all of these women and girls a voice, ” says 25-year-old Murad and tells her that she was in the US when the phone rang early in the morning and the man explained that she received the award.

All the commotion she knew would follow the frightened her at first.

a simple life and a long happy life in a village at the Sinjarberget in northern Iraq. In August 2014, everything changed, when the ICE arrived arrived and began their genocide. Six of her brothers were among those killed when all the men were taken to the village school. Even her mother was killed as well as several of her nephews. Itself she was taken to capture, was taken to Mosul and was made to the barbarian sex slave. She was raped, beaten and burned with cigarettes. In november 2014, she managed to escape and finally ended up in Germany.

Now began her fight to awaken the world and in 2015, she created ”Nadia initiatives”, which is to compile evidence about a genocide, which was described as worse than Rwanda.

– It is difficult and shame to tell us about all these horrors that I and other women suffered, but I felt that the world needs to know, ” says Murad.

today know more what yazidierna is and what has happened to this kurdish minority – not least through her book ”The last girl”, which was published in English earlier this year – and when Murad on Monday, receiving the peace Prize in the Oslo city hall and make a speech before the royals and all of the world’s tv viewers will her message to reach even further.

consider Murad that all the talk and all condemnations must now move into action. In Cratosslot addition to the 3.000 yazidiska women who still are in captivity of ICE live around 300 000 from the community living in refugee camps in Kurdistan, such as her two siblings, her sister Khayria and his brother Nawaf.

“I hope that 2019 will mean sustained peace in our region so that we can change the lives of those who live there and so that yazidierna can return to his home and build a future where children get an education,” says Murad, that also requires that those guilty of these heinous crimes should be punished.

– Now when the genocide is found must the world act. Massvåldtäktsmännen has not been brought to justice. If the world fails to act after it has happened will perhaps be a another group to commit the same abuse, ” said Murad.

can not be other than impressed by its almost 40 years younger Fredpriskollega. After that, in 20 years dealt with the raped and traumatized women in the Congo, he knows how difficult it can be to tell if what you have been through.

” Silence keeps the violence alive. Nadia has successfully get through this, and I respect her very much, ” says the 63-year-old doctor in French.

They come from diverse places in the world but share the knowledge of the impact that sexual abuse can bring – not just for a single person, but also for a community and a society.

on Saturday told Mukwege for DN:s Erik Esbjörnsson and Paul Hansen that he does not believe that the Congo can be rebuilt through the infrastructure, first you have to build up the dignity of the individual, as in the cases of the thousands of women he has treated and operated on at the hospital in Bukavu after been subjected to sexual abuse.

” We have seen the six million victims of this long conflict, several hundred thousand women raped. I can only take a break only when justice is skipad for all these women, ” says Mukwege, who at the press conference specially thanked Sweden for the great assistance which he was able to build up their hospitals, and contributed to education in the country.

He also urged the world to keep an eye on the choices that are ahead in the Congo. He fears that they will not be as open as they should be if the country should have a few opportunities to solve their djupagående problems.