A simple visit to Germany’s civil registry will allow you to change your sex and sexual identification. Social Democrats (SPD), Greens (FDP) and Liberals (FDP) have reached an agreement to reform and renew the Transsexuality Law of 80. This will make it as simple as possible for anyone who is interested. They can change their name or sex in civil registry on a voluntary basis. Today, the Ministries of Justice and Family presented a new bill concept in Berlin. It will replace the outdated legislation that many consider discriminatory and obsolete.

While the majority of Americans identify with the sex they had since birth, some people choose to identify as intersex or non-binary. First, they may have sex which is not medically recognized as male or female. The second believes they are neither and the third feels they don’t belong to the sex they were given at birth. The application to the civil registry will be submitted by the child’s parents or guardians for those younger than 14 years. In the case of those older than that and those not yet over the age of majority, the parents will prevail.

The bill states that it is necessary to ensure that adolescents have the right to their personality. A family court will decide if guardians refuse to accept the will of the interested parties. They will take into consideration the well-being and rights of minors, and will replace parents’ decision at the request of the child. The Minister of Family, Lisa Paus (the green Lisa Buschmann), stressed that the bill doesn’t compromise on the issue of surgical measures that aim to alter sex. These interventions will be performed according to the standards of specialized medical medicine.

The German Family Minister stated that the Transsexuality Law was dated back to 1980. It is humiliating for the affected. Her colleague at the Justice Ministry said that the current law treats the affected as sick. There is no reason for this.”