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Before the world CUP, I wrote that there will be no walk against world CUP-gold.

this could be a new nervpers – and a new classic.

It was just that.

A nervpers and a classic.

A nervpers for Sweden and is a classic for Finland.

Sweden has the world’s absolute best innebandyspelare and the world’s best innebandylandslag, but lost the world CUP final against Finland.

With 6-3.


None other than a Swedish praktfiasko so clear.

two years ago, we stood in shock when Sweden managed to cut Finland. When a compact and dedicated to the Finnish national team sacrificed themselves recklessly in every location and forced the world CUP finals to overtime and the shootout where they then showed superior cold and determined.

The time it was to blame it on small margins and coincidences.

this time there was less talk about it.

There is a common denominator for the Finnish nlg: Eero Kosonen and Peter Kotilainen.

Two players who have shown that they are real finalspelare.

Eero Kosonen had a long time stamp as the world’s best goalkeeper, but the feeling has been that his peak – partly due to injuries – has been passed. In the world CUP final, he showed that this is not the case.

Finland was clearly better in the first half of the match.

Sweden grew into the match after Alexander Galante Carlströms 1-2-reduction in the powerplay in the middle of the second period, and lined up chances – but then step Eero Kosonen presented as a living wall.

Pang, pang, pang

Martin Östholm had an open goal and Rasmus Enström were allowed to stand alone and direktskjuta in the castle – but Kosonen managed to fend off both the superchanserna with incredible saves. Sweden had scored in a 2-2 draw-the acceptance is already there so had the final been able to get a completely different output.

Now came 2-2-acknowledgement end – to-end to an equally Pashacasino magical as patented backhand-the knack of Alexander Rudd – but it was only in the third period and then Finland had already managed to work themselves into the match again. A kvitteringsboll which did not affect Finland as much as it had done in the second period when the lions was greatly pushed back.

Instead drummed Finland just on and it said pang, pang, pang, and at just over three minutes, Finland had made three straight goals and linked a stranglehold on the match which you never released.

Peter Kotilainen was a permanent cause of concern, shot two of the goals, and put not least it is important and, subsequently, the game-winning, 4-2-the goal.

Finland made a great world CUP final.

Finland winner was best when it came to the most: Eero Kosonen was absolutely phenomenal in goal and Peter ”I am a sniper” Kotilainen was as spishet as he was two years ago.

The duo outshone all of the Swedish superstars.


Sweden underpresterade again when it came to the most.

Alexander Galante Carlströms chances were very few, Rasmus Enströms moves are non-existent, Tobias Gustafsson’s dominant backspel gone and apologized to Kim Nilsson was for some reason buried in some form of tredjefemma.

the Feeling was that the coaching of the Swedish team got going first when it was too late, which of course is a failure.

For Sweden only counts for gold – so there is no way other than to stamp this as a giant failure.

Finland has won two straight world CHAMPIONSHIP gold medals and four world CHAMPIONSHIP gold medals in the last six world CUP tournaments.

Finland Is number one now?

Not when it comes to floorball in great, but in the VM context so it is no doubt and it is not possible to talk away. It comes to be the best when it comes to and it has Finland been more times than Sweden in the past decade.

world CUP 2018 was a nervpers and a new classic.

A nervpers for Sweden and is a classic for Finland.