Anne Hugues, 71, is a good player. Coffee against the heart, key in hand, look of fear, she posed this Friday March 15 at the feet of the tag of the English artist Tee2sugars which represents her in the same outfit, with the same look of fear, hanging from the storefront of the store two meters from the ground. An (unfortunate) posture which was really that of this cleaning lady on March 6.

That day, around 8 a.m., while waiting in front of the supermarket where she works in Tonteg (Wales), Anne Hugues felt “hook up”. Her coat got stuck in the curtain of the convenience store and it, when it came up, took her off the ground! On surveillance cameras, we see the Briton grab her shopping bag and protect her head. She shouts the manager’s name, once, twice. When the latter hears it, he runs to help her with the delicacy of an entomologist picking up a strange spider.

Among our British neighbors, the video went viral. Millions of people saw it and the story made the rounds in the newspapers. Anne Hugues was the first to laugh heartily. “I will never stand like this in front of this iron curtain again. Never ! I learned my lesson,” she told the BBC. The supermarket took the opportunity to send a message: “The only thing going up in this store is our staff, not the prices!”