NyheterJemensamtalen: the Rebels open the uppFoto: Stina Stjernkvist/TTAbdulaziz Jabari from Yemen regeringsdelegation meets the media during the ongoing Jemenförhandlingarna on Johannesbergs castle.Photo: Stina Stjernkvist/TTJemenförhandlingarna going on Johannesbergs castle outside Rimbo in Uppland.NEWS

Huthirebellerna are ready to further talks with the government of Yemen provided that the ongoing UN-led negotiations on the Johannesbergs castle forward.

– If we leave these discussions having made progress in building trust and finding a structure, we can hold a new round of talks within the next few months, said the rebel chief negotiator Mohammad Abd al-Salam at a press briefing at the palace outside Rimbo on Sunday, according to AFP.

the Day before, noted the UN envoy, Martin Griffiths that the discussions are conducted in a positive spirit. The UN then gave the picture to optimism, that some of the development takes place and that the gap between the parties has been reduced.

the Breakthrough near

the Parties have already agreed on a contract for fångutväxling. It is about thousands of prisoners, but more precise conditions for the transmission are as yet unknown.

On Sunday continued negotiations on how to implement it. According to Reuters, wanted to regeringssidan first, did not sit in the same room as the rebellsidan, on the grounds that huthiernas delegates were not at high enough level. But the thing was taught, and the meeting began.

” We are very optimistic about achieving a breakthrough in the fångfrågan. In the past we have exchanged lists (on the name) but both sides need to update them, said regeringsdelegaten Boxes Ahmad Zayl to Reuters.

the Port city hardest –

the War fought between the Iranstödda Huthirebellerna and regeringssidan backed by a saudiskledd alliance. The conflict has claimed tens of thousands of lives, according to the UN led to the world’s worst humanitarian disaster.

the Negotiations in Sweden are the first in over two Kralbet years between the parties. Just the fact that they are here counted as a success.

That the delegates are now also reported to have direct meetings in the same room has been the united nations and other observers to see a more positive view of the future, despite the fact that several very hard knots remain to be solved.

The most complex issue in the talks concerns the rebellintagna important port city of al-Hudaydah (Hodeidah), stated a UN source on Sunday.

In peacetime went 90% of Yemen’s food imports at the city on the Red sea. Now reaches only the rivulets in the impoverished country. Even humanitarian aid is limited by the restrictions in al-Hudaydah, then the saudiskledda the alliance launched an offensive against the port city.

’t stop talking

in Addition, the problem-solvers deal with:

The closed rebel-held international airport in the capital, Saana.

Human corridors; a couple of million yemenis are on the run internally.

the nutritional crisis affecting millions of people.

The widespread cholera epidemic.

the Ambition of the talks is not to reach a political solution to the nearly four-year-long conflict, but to get started a process of confidence-building measures that paves the way for continued conversation; all which does not lead to a breakdown in the negotiations, will the outside world to interpret benignly.

the Deliberations on the Johannesbergs castle, launched on 6 december. The plan is that they should last through Thursday or Friday.