The two meter high muscular kangaroo Roger, who was known as kænguruernes response to bodybuilderen Arnold Schwarzenegger, is the death of 12-year-old.

In 2015 was Roger a sensation on the internet, and in all sorts of media, due to its incredible physics. Roger had very striking big muscles and weighed around 89 pounds. And he loved to showcase his muscular chest and his big biceps.

One of Rogers big hobbies was to push the metalspande for fun or fight with the staff at The Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs in northern Australia. But he also had his soft sides. At a time published The Kangaroo Sanctuary is a picture of Roger where he was playing with a big soft tøjkanin.

Here maser Roger a metalspand for fun. He was extremely strong. Photo credit: the Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs

Roger has lived at The Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs, since he was two years old and was Matbet orphaned. Rogers mother was found dead by a roadside in 2006. But then he got himself a new and safe home, as the head of the Kangaroo Sanctuary, Chris ‘Bolga’ Barnes, took care of him.

Rogers death was yesterday published by on Kangaroo Sanctuarys facebook page, where Chris ‘Bolga’ a video says a touching farewell to his beloved kangaroo Roger.

‘It is a very sad day, because we have lost our beautiful boy Roger. Ten years ago, I built this here sanctuary for kangaroos to the houses of Roger and some of his wives, Ella and Abigail. We created the Kangaroo Sanctuary, so they had a place to stay. Roger was our alpha male for many years and grew up to be a kangaroo, as people all over the world came to love just as much as we love him. He will always be here. We have buried him here, so he can be with his family’

Here shows Roger his more soft side and playing with a clothes-rabbit. Photo credit: the Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs

Roger trainer here his muscles by lifting the hay. Photo credit: the Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs