Finally, it’s here.

Kim Larsen’s long-awaited autobiography, which tells his own story told to the writer Jens Andersen, framework today the bookshops. The book was made through interviews carried out in the Kim Larsen’s kitchen in the time up to his death.

the Plan was that the book was to uncover the whole nationalskjaldens life, but at his death had only reached the Gasolin’s fledgling years, why you had to add ‘My young years’ to the title of the work ‘Kim Larsen – in My young years’.

Kim Larsen tells not only of its proud moments.

Danish celebrity – 30. nov. 2018 – at. 08:47 Kim Larsen died in the midst of his last great project

In the book you will be completely in private, and literally by Kim Larsen under the covers. Among other things, you get the story about the night in 1970, when Kim Larsen was his first wife, Mariann unfaithful during a visit in Thylejren.

‘I had got ample tjald and drunk they bajere, I had to, it was around midnight, and she was damn so sweet. We stood and danced a little jig to some music, and then she said: ‘you Have no place to sleep?’ – ‘No, but I would like to sleep together with you!’ As I said, so done’, says Kim Larsen in the book.

Celebrity Kim Larsen, a week before his death: – Now we’ll also once again

the Author Jens Andersen praises Kim Larsen to tell the open – also on its vulnerability.

– of course It is private, but I don’t think he blotter her. He bares closer to himself. It is courageous, and he shows his own uncertainty. He would like to show his vulnerability and tell who he was behind the Grandbetting facade, says Jens Andersen of Ekstra Bladet.

Danish well-known – 2. dec. 2018 – at. 08:57 Therefore feared Kim Larsen press

When Jens Andersen writes biographies, he is very much aware that the information in the books also involves other than the main character himself and often of a private nature.

– I will not exhibit other. It must have a meaning, and man must have his ethical and moral compass with them, he explains.

the Front of the book. Pr photo
Got venereal disease
Kim Larsen was unaware that the spontaneous infidelity had given him gonorrhea when he shortly after was sexually together with Mariann and infected her. Thus, his digression also discovered. Jens Andersen stresses that nationalskjalden did not want to talk bad about Mariann.

– Here with Mariann it is clear to me that he told the story, because she meant a lot to him. She was the first love and the first, he was in bed with in his life, ” says Jens Andersen and provides an example.

– He tells, among other things, the second time the two had sex, where Kim Larsen said: ‘You must excuse me for saying this here, Mariann, but it was really nice.’

‘Kim Larsen – in My young years’ is published by Politikens Forlag and is available from today.

Jens Andersen and Kim Larsen during the preparation of the book. Pr photo