the Left is under the threshold for the third time in a new poll. In the measurement, which is carried out by Norfakta for Klassekampen and Nationen, Left a support level of 3.8 per cent, a decline of 0.8 percentage points.

– Unfortunately, the Left had a few months of quite weak readings. Everything has vaket around the threshold. Regardless of what happens, right now, we would have a job to lift us, ” says Sveinung Rotevatn to the class struggle. He is the state secretary of Climate and miljødepartementet.

He says to the newspaper that there is no lederdiskusjon on the stairs in the party despite weak measurements and personkonflikter.

Also This falls under the threshold on this measurement, which provides clean rødgrønt plural of Ap, Cratosslot SV and Sp. They wanted to together received 89 mandates in Parliament, four more than is necessary to form the plural. the

In addition, would Red have gotten one on Monday and the MDG two mandates at the Storting, if this poll was a valgresultat.

A bykser up 2.4 per cent in the poll. For the other parties there are only minor changes.

Labor get a support level of 28.4 per cent (-0,7), SV 7,4 (+2,4), Red 3,1 (-0,8), Sp (11,6 (-0,2), KrF 3,8 (-0,2), V 3,0 (-0,8), the Right Of 25.9 (-0,2), Frp 12,0 (-1,2), MDG 2,5 (+0,3) and the Other of 2.4 (+1,5).

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