A dog owner in the Swedish Storfors is acquitted of suspicions about dyreplageri after having thrown his dog in the garbage. It writes Aftonbladet.

the Prosecutors in the case argued that it was dyreplageri when the dog was tied firmly, but according to the Värmland tingsrätt let it not prove.

Hundeeieren to have found the dog lifeless after it had been on the run in a day, and then in a panic have thrown it in the garbage instead of contacting a veterinarian.

It turned out that the dog was not dead yet, and it was later found by another person who would throw garbage to say.

the Dog now lives with Liza Johansson, who found it. She has previously spoken to P4 Värmland that there was never any difficult choices.

I fell in love with her from the first moment. It was never to talk about that we should not keep her. We thought she would be afraid and aggressive, but from the first moment she was kind and quiet, she said to the radio station in may.

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