Castle party every year there are so many great costume that not everyone can get the attention it deserves right out of the box. One such was seen in choreographer Sonya Lindfors above.Style experts estimate the Castle to celebrate the failures and the failures.

Choreographer Sonya Lindfors dream light creation was a fashion designer Ervin Latimer handwriting. The wave completed the Latimer include this moment interested in performing in the young designers, whose talent has been noticed by the world. This fall he from a prestigious and hard-level H&M Design Award competition to the finals of the Rodeo Modabet Queen collection, which is inspired from black queer culture and especially of early ‘ 90s New York Vogue ball culture.


Lindfors talks about diverse representation of innovations, and the idea also appears in the Castle the party in the style of: entity guarantee to find afrosuomalaisen skills. Suits color is chosen harmonizes with a great carrying skin tone. A beautiful hairstyle is crowned with a stylish ensemble, and the wrist hanging Kalevala Jewelry Lioness-jewelry to give the look the final touch. The bag was the domestic ecological quality mark Notches and earrings in the Middle-a Bouncy collection. The ensemble was styled by Patisse A Lody .

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