The action artist collective, the centre for Political beauty (ZPS) has been presented at a press conference his latest project: On this website, the ZPS calls for the denunciation of those involved at the end of August to the riots in Chemnitz. This “Satire” is confirmed by the logic of exclusion and intimidation, against which it is supposedly. the Jens Bisky Jens Bisky

born in 1966 in Leipzig, German studies and cultural science in Berlin; doctorate with a thesis on the “poetry of architecture”. After studying arts editor at the Berliner Zeitung, since 2001, in the features section of the süddeutsche Zeitung; there, among other things, responsible for non-fiction books and audio books, and reports on cultural, political, and Berlin issues. Books on contemporary history (“Born on the 13. August”, “The German question”). In 2007, Kleist appeared “. A Biography”.

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is The new action of the centre for Political beauty (ZPS) – a denunciation of the portal. At the start of the week enabled. Philipp Ruch, artistic Director of the ZPS, is asking the public for help in answering the following questions: “Where work sick this Attitude? Who employs you? Why do you have the time to spread their hatred of minorities, to attack the press and to threaten with violence?”

The action of the artists have elaborately researched, film, recordings and images of the riots in Chemnitz at the end of August evaluated. After the killing of Daniel H. rich citizens had a Per of Chemnitz, the AfD, the Hooligans, “” to be called extreme right-wing activists, demonstrations against “criminality of foreigners”. Hitler greetings were shown, the citizens threatened on the street, journalists attacked. At a press conference in Berlin, Philipp Ruch said, without on the occasion, the fierce debates about the Videos, the Intervention of the protection of the Constitution President Maaßen and his dismissal from “the beacon of 2018”. The right-wing extremists, had created an “atmosphere of intimidation”, the society-state is currently in the “stage of denial”. That’s why you’ve accepted the thing, as the ZPS built a memorial next to the house of the AfDlers Björn Höcke, or the bodies of drowned refugees in Berlin had transferred. So, it has analysed three million images of approximately 7000 “Suspect”, with performances and Comments in social media are matched.

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May be Satire policy?

AfD advent calendar or Fake actions, in order that The party or the centre for Political beauty is a very many people. With Cem Özdemir and Nicola Beer, they discuss the dangers of this development. By Hannah Beitzer

The Portal offers three catalogs. In “celebrities of Chemnitz” are about recorded in Björn H., Götz, K., the “man from Schnellroda”. More extensive is the “catalog of mind is sick”. He recorded 1524 “quitter in the face of democracy”, part of the image, in any case, but with “intellectual Vita” and instructions. Everyone is invited, for more information and photos to be sent and to contact the chief of the “spirit sick”. The employer should lead the discussion with your employees, which can, but does not have to mean dismissal. The ZPS informed about the possibilities of correction. Affected can return to sign a Declaration and, therefore, in the Federal Republican community. Twelve points are required, the 13. To his point, the Declaration is not a member of the AfD with this to work is optional.


Only a few entries can be found under the question, “you Recognize your work colleagues?”. There are photos of demonstrators, which have not yet been identified. Who makes you of naming, can expect a bonus, of Thursday to the “Immediately will be paid in cash” in the “search office East” in Chemnitz. Anyone who wants to increase the prospects of success of the search can increase the reward by donations.

The Saxon state government has prompted the ZPS already, the advertising slogan from “So-to-remove-Saxon” of the free state of Saxony from the side. The Chemnitzer Free press reports that the rented Store was vacated in the city on Monday afternoon. The landlord, a municipal Corporation, announced that because of the posted wanted posters of the lease. The competent Berlin data protection Commissioner wants to test the website. However, regardless of the privacy issues of this digital pillory with a denunciation of the prompt is a Nuisance and a political stupidity. is reminiscent of the I-‘ll Snitch on-my-teacher-project, the AfD and would easily transform into a display platform against foreigners or Left-wing or Gay people in the neighborhood. Linguistically you wouldn’t have to change much, the ZPS speaks of: “people’s traitors”, “disposition sick,” “traitors to the Motherland”, “the right of the English country haters”, “Shirkers”, and sets this in contrast to “Normal”.

This language would have called in the eighties, “fascistic”. Of course, exaggeration in this satirical, everything is formulated under the “art”of Title. But that doesn’t make it better. This “Satire”, this “action art” confirms the logic of exclusion and intimidation, against which it is supposedly. Instead of the enemies of the open society politically, they are deemed pathological, instead of understanding democracy as an ongoing conflict, it is staged as a sparkling disposition.

This production thrives on the fiction of a state of emergency in the Philipp Ruch and His supposedly are forced to take on the tasks of the protection of the Constitution, the police, the judiciary and the press at the same time. You presume in this action, the role of a sovereign, acting for and in the possession of the truth. Therefore, all of the individual steps of justice are shaped. The protection of rights in the investigative, administrative, or criminal proceedings, the accused, the minimum standards of the rule of law, provides for the staging of the ZPS of course. Democrat, who throws himself to the artists.

it is meant As serious or frivolous, can be set aside. Also as an art sanction of the pillory-Denunziations-enactment consequences of political Empire. It is no good to democracy untrain-friendly features, from the conversation ability on the willingness to compromise, to the delight of differentiation. With reference to the post-war years, Philipp Ruch spoke of a “de-Nazification”, which is applicable to perform it again. His main strategy is: social Ostracism and exclusion of the Suspect. The omnipotence fantasy of the artist wins collective.