Emergency services had to pump water out so that the ship was kept on the surface.Passenger ferry Lake Star was rescued vajoamiselta Savonlinna on Sunday. Screenshot/Facebook

Savonlinna passenger port located in the passenger ship M/S Lake Star, leaning on Sunday bleeding as a result of South-Savo rescue told. The issue in the news in the first Helsingin sanomat.

the Duty officer for the fire chief, Joni Himberg told the evening paper that a passerby alerted help when he saw the ship heeled. Emergency rescue units Savonlinna arrived on the scene to pump water using their own resources.

the Sinking was blocked. Water had also gone to the engine room, where it still was pumped imuautolla, Himberg says.

the Vessel had no time people.

Himberg, the ship Betvole was according to the announcement sunk so much already, that the frame of the window was the surface of the water to date.

more Detailed information about the possible board damages caused by fire and rescues was not. The owner was alerted to the scene situation to check.

the Ship owning Saphan Oy Harri Lappalainen told the evening newspaper, that the situation is now well under control. The lapps, according to the subsidence seems to be caused by the spill valve.

the Lapps, according to the water had leaked in, for a while. In the early evening by the time all the water was pumped out.

Savonlinna environment in the summer circulating Lake Star 70-seater motor boat, which was completed in 1991.