Living At 2021 should any new construction in Flanders, almost zero-energy. But how should it be then? Wouter Hilderson of Pixii, the knowledge platform around neutral building, looks ahead in an op-ed on the bouwsite Livios.

The most famous weatherman of the country – Frank Deboosere – continues to insist: “It is five to twelve. 2017 was a year of peaks for the climate. The year was in the top three warmest years ever, and the concentration of greenhouse gases was never so high. And there sits the man, especially for something in between.” In other words: the global warming don’t wait until we all have new rules and laws voted on the AM(Almost Energy Neutral)-successor . The real question is: Where should we be today?

We have as a society a great need to have a vision that all involved links. This implies that everyone will actually have to engage for sustainability and energy: the government, the companies, the unions, the environmentalists … and also the citizens.

All along the bath in!

For the reduction of CO2 emissions and fine dust, everyone must bring with you to the bath! We will all, for example, our commute to work need to adjust, wood-burning stoves and fireplaces to renounce and our central heating at home is replaced by a heat pump or even better a connection to a heat network. So it is time to take the environmental impact into account. It is time that we caring way of dealing with our natural resources and living space. Kingbetting

But what does this mean for the builder?

The CO2 emissions should, as said, drastically down. From the European authorities are becoming stricter klimaatnormen drawn up, with deadlines of 2020, 2030 and 2050. Let the buildings now just one of the biggest CO2 polluters. By 2020 the CO2 emissions with 20 percent down in comparison with 1990. In 2050, that is 80 to 95 percent. Still a long way to go… Our bouwlandschap the last ten to fifteen years firmly shook up. Terms such as passive, nearly zero-energy (AM), low-energy and energiepositief were introduced as a voluntary or legislative response to the challenges.

Today, we know you as a builder or renovator then also where you stand. Starting in 2021 should any new construction in Belgium AM, while the Brussels-Capital Region on the passive standard focuses on. In addition, the Flemish energy agency this year, the S-level, thereby insulating and sun protection a lot more thorough should be, however, especially for large detached villas. Where these were once favoured by the K-level, it is now corrected. Who in the future a spacious villa wants to build, so there will be an additional energetic step should bijsteken. And also for renovation, there are clear objectives. There is the horizon to 2050, and the goal is an E-level of 60 or an EPC of 100. And also here we are working on an improved calculation method with EPC+.

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