It did not again.

Horsens turned out to be a a number smarter than the AGF as ‘yellow’ did turn in Aalborg and pick up all three points with a 4-2 win, after the AaB’s captain Jores Villa had seen red.

It meant that the people in north jutland played 2. half with 10 men, but while the earlier in the season went well in Aarhus with a 2-2 draw, was the expulsion of animals against Horsens.

After a just 1. half-time could Michael Lumb and Lasse Kryger shoot the victory home. While Michael Lumb utilized a post, which was allowed to pass through AaB’s defense, beat Lasse Kryger in a conversion in overtime. With the victory, Horsens shown that it is proficient to recover from the great smacking against FCK.

Jores Villa made it easier for the guests, as he collected the third red card, the AaB’s striped shirt. The captain blurted out in the dødende minutes of 1. half of the match where he tore Kasper Junker away and committed a foul on the edge of the field.

It was the second warning to Jores Villa and it meant a red card and goodbye and thank you for today. Match referee Sandi Putros did nothing during the fight to belie that he did not ought to whistle in the premier League.

More photos from the game: Photos: Henning Cratosslot Bagger

the Man with the flute reached in 2. half to be the line’s most popular man, when he finally had an order that fell out to the AaB. It was not trifles, as Sandi Putros so and not so, and it was understandable that the home team felt cheated. The judge made sure to whip up an atmosphere and in addition to the red card there were nine yellow cards.

The first 45 minutes was far more festive than the hårdtprøvede spectators at the Aalborg Stadium are accustomed to. The party exploded in the middle of halftime with three goals in eight minutes.

Earlier, the AaB’s flying dutchman Tom van Weert initiated the målrige half to bring the home team in front 1-0 when he came free in the left side, after Lucas Andersen was close to forklumre the great diverting option Compensation fell by a hefty forsvarskoks of AaB, which meant that the expensive Horsens-procurement Kasper Junker after some contras could offset.

Thus came the time in the store. Guest Oliver Drost scored even on penalties 2-1, when Horsens got an early christmas present by the judge Sandi Putros. The very same Oliver Drost was at least a meter off side when he received the ball in the situation, which led to the penalty.

the AaB’s Jores Villa was in a hurry to appeal, that he came to be afterwards, so his tackling fell too late. It was not long, Horsens, denmark was allowed to rejoice, as the angrebsivrige venstreback Jakob Ahlmann took the matter into their own hands and completed the dribleturen to put up for Kasper Kusk, who with a good shot be able to equalize to 2-2.

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