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+++++ the ROMA Directed by : Alfonso Cuarón. the With : Yalitza Aparicio, Marina de Tavira, Nancy Garcia.

DRAMA. the Year’s best movie is here!

Alfonso Cuarón has done a masterful filmpoesi of their childhood memories.

the Film, which won the first prize, the golden lion, at this year’s film festival in Venice. Premiered on the a few Swedish cinemas on Friday, is then shown from 14 december on Netflix.

Mexican film director Alfonso Cuarón did early in his career, before it became the Harry Potter movie Kalebet and the Best sci-fi movie ”Gravity”, a highly personal film, ”Your mom too!” (2001).

”Roma” is even more personal. A depiction of his own childhood in a large apartment in an upper middle class family in the district of Roma in 1970’s Mexico City. Four children of varying ages and a dog that constantly shits everywhere – will be affected when the father abandons the family. The mother ( Marina de Tavira ) is as decrepit, the one who holds together the whole thing is their housekeeper Cleo ( Yalitza Aparicio ), despite the fact that her life is filled with private problems. She must alternately both entertain and teach children about life.

Cuarón has done a magnificent filmpoesi of their childhood memories. In wonderful black and white images, often with long shots, and very emotional, rolled the family’s everyday life.

A more touching tribute to a still-living person, the housekeeper who cared more about others than himself, have seldom been seen before.