You have to read it twice: “axle machining center and in-floor cleaning”. This cumbersome name of the SBB a large-scale project, the bridge in the Zürich-plan in the track field in the bun because Aussersihl missed.

Behind the word Behemoth is a sort of pit lane for the maintenance of passenger trains, hides, SBB spokesman Reto Schärli explained. The wheelset of railway Wagons – wheels, axles, axle bearings and brake disc is subjected in operation, the degree of Wear is accordingly high. The more important the regular inspection and maintenance.

Existing facility

such A service center is to be produced in the station throat will be canceled. The existing truck maintenance facility will be cancelled and three new halls replaced. A corresponding application for planning permission have published the SBB in Gobahis the “Tagblatt der Stadt Zürich”. Also an environmental impact assessment is necessary.

42 million to invest in the SBB in the new wheels-Service Center, such as Schärli says. In addition to the cleaning system, it is to give a special under-floor rotating system for wheelsets, as it is only in Basel in operation. With the construction of the plant will begin in November of 2019, ready for operation, it should be the end of 2021.

residential buildings

Because the Area is located in the middle of the track field in front of the station and under the operation, would be the use for apartments or offices, such as at the Europe Allee or the Neugasse not possible, as Schärli emphasized. Due to the special location of the construction project can not be connected also with the profile rods. The impact of the new building in the grounds, the SBB instead, in several places information posters. (

Created: 06.12.2018, 13:08 PM