Sexual desire is not only to make sure that we crack and multiplies us. Sexual lust evokes the behavior that facilitates the emotional cohesion with a new acquaintance.

Or in English: Your horniness makes you behave in a way that links you to a potential partner.

Universitetspsykologer with Gurit Birnbaum in the forefront is behind a new studio where they will see næmere on lust and sex and love in the evolutionary context.

the Researchers caught it so an across the four experiments:

The first experiment was to look at how the desire for a new acquaintance hangs together with non-verbal intimitetsfremmende behavior such as eye contact and physical proximity.

the Participants had to mime to music along with an attractive stranger of the opposite sex. They were recorded on video. Subsequently, they had to indicate how much they felt like a mime partner.

It turned out that when the man was attracted to his partner, there was more eye contact, they were closer to each other, and one had several synchronous movements.

In the second experiment two the purpose was the same – here danced with the other participants a slow dance. The synchronous pair entered the greater sexual desire for each other.

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Experiment three and four focused on the causal link between the activation of the sexual system (lust) and non-sexual behaviour (and responsiveness, receptiveness and helpfulness), which aims to initiate a relationship with a potential partner, and which play a role when you build cohesion in a fixed relationship.

In the third experiment had participants indicate preferences for food, clothing, and place for a date. Prior to this, so either something sexual (women saw the photo of the delicious half-naked man, men saw a picture of a delicious naked woman on the knees) or a neutral image.

after that, the participants discuss the dilemmas like ‘should you play hard to get in the beginning of a relationship‘ with a person of the opposite sex.

We analysed then participants ‘ behaviour in relation to whether they were responsive, caring and helpful in the conversations. The persons who had seen sexual images, proved to be more responsive etc.

The fourth experiment took place in a more realistic framework. The participants then either an erotic video or a neutral video. Then they had to Betgaranti fill in a questionnaire that had nothing to do with the case, while there was a attractive person next to them, which they would like to speak with.

At one point it will ask ‘planted’ attractive person the participants for help with the question. It turned out that the participants, who had seen erotic films before, was more likely to help.

the Researchers conclude that even unconscious sexual stimulus leads to behaviour that shows you are ready to contact and caring.

It is a sign that when two strangers meet, get the sexual desire by one or both experiencing, them to make a lot of actions, as signals both interest and willingness to invest in a potential relationship. Thus, behavior which helps to make the emotional cohesion greater.

Lust get in other words people to be attracted to each other, but the behavior, the subject evokes, creates cohesion in the long-term relationship.

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lead Author Gurit Birnbaum has before proven that sex makes you more open, which fits nicely into the latest study.

We studied how the ‘activation of sexsystemet affect the motivation to participate in non-sexual forholdsfremmende behaviour.’ In other words: how sex makes you want to do other things that are good for a relationship.

the Researchers exposed the participants to the sexual stimuli in order to see whether the subjects would like to tell about themselves to potential lover – and this openness would lead to that the participants wanted further contact with the potential partner.

In the first part, the participants were exposed to series of unconscious stimuli, which were either of a sexual (photos of naked men and women) or of neutral nature.

Then specify the subjects, if they would on a date with another participant, and to the last they wrote as with them on messenger. It turned out that the persons who had been primed (exposed to sexual stimuli), was more open in the dialogue.

In the second experiment repeated the same concept. Here the participants however, either an erotic scene from the film ‘Original Sin’ with Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie, or a video about cats. Then have the participants tell each other face to face about an embarrassing personal experience.

the Same result as in the first part.

In the third studio as the cast videos with the few that either were sexual together, or just were intimate, which they should write on the messenger with a stranger about an embarrassing experience.

Persons, who had seen the sexual scenes, indicated subsequently that they had told more about himself, and that the greater would on a date with the alien.

Where other research has shown, sex and orgasms, gives us the desire to tell secrets to our partner, spread this study it is more: Only one activation of the sexual system is enough to become more open, which makes, we also get the urge to get closer to a potential girlfriend and form a relationship.