today, the road users are accustomed to, that hastighedstavlerne on the new little belt bridge says ‘110 km/h.’. Now reduced the speed in the westbound direction, however, down to 80 km/h. from the end of may to October.

It writes the Danish road directorate in a press release.

the Reason is that the bridge’s steel structures in 2020 and 2021 will be renovated in order to prolong the bridge’s life.

the Work, which this year will take place in the westbound direction from the island of Funen from Jutland, starts today, Monday 25. may.

– We need to clean and paint the bridge’s steel structures from bel√¶gningskanten by autov√¶rnet to brokassens the outer edge. It will say that we will work in the bridge’s outer surface. The work is organized so that this year we will work in the bridge’s westbound direction from the island of Funen from Jutland. For next year we should looked over in the opposite side and work, ” says Peter Holt, fagprojektleder in the Danish road directorate, in a press release.

because of the renovation it is necessary to disconnect the supply to several of the bridge’s installations. Therefore the bridge’s floodlights, emergency phones and weather station be temporarily out of operation, while the work stands on.

Picture: Jens Dresling

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At the Danish road directorate informs that the work is planned so that it disturbs traffic the least possible. The work is therefore scheduled so that the heavy traffic lane only to be involved outside of the morning rush hour, and only when it is necessary for the execution of the work.

– New little belt bridge is an important link between two counties, so we have a large focus on carrying out the work with the least possible inconvenience to traffic, says Peter Holt.

– Therefore, we create a mobile workplace which can be closed down and run away in rush hour. And we have chosen to limit work to one side of the bridge in the year and then the other side in 2021, so the only traffic in one direction, there will be affected. This year will be the road users from Jutland v Funen thus not experience any changes or constraints, when they run over the bridge, says Peter Holt.

In connection with the renovation, the heavy lane in the westbound direction towards Jutland be involved from the pm. 9 on weekdays and until midday. 6.30 the following business day. Lane departure warning can in the weekends to be involved both on Saturdays and Sundays.

4000 square meters of steel structures must be painted, and it is expected that the paint can hold between 25 and 40 years.

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