When politicians suggest that only older diesel were problematic, they act more on the great deception. You need to ensure that newer Diesel can be retrofitted. And that there be a clear separation between clean and dirty.

comment by Joachim Becker

In the dispute over the threat of driving bans for diesel vehicles has found Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) once again a culprit: the municipalities. The have no current plans to control Air pollution. The purpose of the argument, however, reveals a fast – Scheuer wants to distract from its own failings and those of his predecessor.

For more than ten years, the politics in Berlin and Brussels are clear indications that diesel motors have more than just a particulate problem. Not only among specialists was far from clear that the fuel-saving values at the end of the drive efficiency with high nitrogen oxide in the exhaust gas passageway. The policy has ignored all of the evidence, that there is with the exhaust emissions standards Euro 5 and Euro 6 problems. She has deceived car buyers and municipalities with the promise of clean diesel fuel. It was no coincidence that the diesel fraud on the part of VW in the USA was uncovered.


cities against Surveillance of Diesel passenger Cars

With cameras want to check the Federal government, which cars are, despite the ban on driving on the road. However, the municipalities reject the automatic Save of number plates. By Markus Balser

Now, Scheuer is in trouble. With a blue badge it may be different for everyone visible between the dirty and clean diesels. The only Problem is: The vast majority of Euro-6 Diesel launch on the street at least five Times as many nitrogen oxides as in the laboratory. Scheuer’s afraid of the wrath of the voters if he locks out with a blue plaque, more than 95 percent of Pokerklas all diesel-powered vehicles.

Instead, he now, with the data – and consumers to conservationists, as well as with the cities because he wants to introduce the automatic recording of car number plates. In order to be reviewed, what level of Emissions complies with a diesel model. But a comparison with the data of the force travel Federal office is of little help if there is only the reality of remote laboratory values are stored.

When politicians suggest now, only the older diesels are the Problem, they act more on the great deception. Good faith is not to create car buyers continue to be Euro-6 Diesel, which comply with the German purity law according to the now valid, stricter standard Euro 6d temp. In this standard test are now driving in road traffic with mobile measurement devices required, such Tests must in future be the evidence base for the classification of all Diesel. What law is relatively young Euro-5-vehicles in case of driving bans are locked out, when Euro-6-values of models with a similar exhaust more free ride? Here could be noise, a huge wave of lawsuits.

It must be clearly marked that the car meets the emission standard

Also in the technical upgrading, which in the case of a number of Euro-5 diesel is possible (and is also used in many Euro-6 models soon to a topic), plays shy on time. A subsequently built-in urea catalyst could reduce the nitrogen oxide emissions. But still important technical conditions for approval, such as a warning light in the Cockpit with an empty urea Tank, along with a forced shutdown of the car missing, if the Tank is not refilled. The legislature should create legal clarity.

Tests of the latest models that meet the Euro 6d temp-Standard, show that Clean diesels are possible, there are you. Instead of blaming further delay would raise the Grand coalition will now have the courage to separate clean and dirty clear with a blue plaque on the base of real values.