Uwe Freehse urges to depart: “Rebecca, we need to continue. It is expected of us in the hospital.” Normally Freehse Tram and U-Bahn train. But now the exception is state, and the Chauffeur of the Nuremberg transport companies, chauffeured the Christ child in the minibus from one appointment to the next. The 56-Year-old take turns in shifts with two colleagues.

Rebecca Ammon is 18 years old and in the second year of service as the Nuremberg Christ child on the slopes, chosen by media consumers and a panel of judges. 25. Incumbent, since the enthronement of the Christ child is wearing a gold and beige dress and Golden wings. The blonde hair falls in Curls on the shoulders. Under the angel Outfit fleece fur and Skiunterwäsche hide. Uwe Freehse and the other riders will accompany Rebecca in the Advent to 150 dates – the visit to the children’s home up to the TV flip show with Florian silver iron. You the case late in the evening, dead tired, in her bed in Nuremberg-Eibach, says the high school student with a desire to be a Professional police Detective. “But I look forward to every new day and every appointment.”

looks During private chauffeur Uwe Freehse impatiently at his watch, answered Rebecca Ammon with patience to the last questions of the small Fans, the crowd in front of the stage of the Christmas market: “the Christ child, are you in love?” The Nuremberg figurehead smiles, enigmatic, and follows Freehse, makes a courageous way through the crowd.

copies in the United States

The Nuremberg Christmas market is Germany’s oldest and most famous Christmas market. So popular that it is copied around the world, in many cases. Maybe Rebecca will fly next year as a Christian child a. D. to Chicago, and opened the American counterpart.

Two million visitors flock every year to the Christmas market in the Franconian metropolis and the local hospitality industry to bring 300000 additional Nights. The attraction is not only based on Tradition, the first records of a Christmas market are from 1628. The secret of success is the distinctiveness of the product, the positioning of the Original, which only opens itself gently to the Mainstream. Eyes due to the uniform appearance of the market stalls.

Some in service for 120 years. All wear red-and-white striped roofs made of weather resistant fabric. Only in the past year, the stands with light girl were allowed to be covered Andes. Polobet And from the speakers, no “Jingle Bells performing the loop” in the Continuous, on stepping on the stage, choirs and trombone ensembles.

foreign region, you are relegated to the periphery of the Jamboree, on the market of the partner cities in front of city hall.

“We preserve an old Tradition,” says Christine Baeck, the Market leader of the city of Nuremberg. “They advertise digitally for the market, the event remains analog.” Despite tough restrictions on the range of the market drivers standing in a queue and have to apply every year. Foreign region, you are relegated to the periphery of the Jamboree, on the market of the partner cities in front of city hall. There will be Single-Malt-mulled wine from Glasgow or Veronese wild boar Salami. In the epicenter on the main market unit smells like it to be Spiral-chips, tree cake, and Nuremberg sausages. A Must to cost the nine-centimeter-long grills, which are made of sheep’s intestines and pig meat and flavored with marjoram. Only 13 percent of the stalls than food stalls, 5 percent of the market drivers serve mulled wine. Beer and wine: prohibited.

insiders, the fascination of Nuremberg speciality, is sold in Abundance reveals itself: The Zwetschgermoh is a kurliges males, on a wooden Board fixed to the body of dried figs, the extremities of Plums. A walnut is the head. The figurines cost between 8 and 13 euros. As a foreign visitor you opt rather for gingerbread. The pastries with honey and almonds is often produced in the shape of a heart, and with cheerful sayings decorated. Gingerbread is a tradition as rich as the Christmas market. Because in Nuremberg the trade routes crossed in the middle ages, the local Moneybags came easily to exotic ingredients.

father Frost sold ceramics in winter colors

The market surveillance season, the third-party offerings forbid, the Christmas market retains the style. So the market sold driver father Frost ceramic and porcelain in winter colors or Christmas trees made of glass elements. A shepherd is with wool socks and skins, a model, a carpenter with retractable knight castles. The game providers were on the children’s market is only a plastic product is allowed: play mobile from Nuremberg.

On the Hans-Sachs-Platz, the only concession is firmly in the national character: an eight-Meter-high historic Ferris wheel.

You can escape the hustle and bustle of Americans and Asians frequented the event – for example, on the terrace of the Adina apartments for a mulled wine sipping and Nuremberg.

enlarge map

In the distance the towers of the Frauenkirche, and St. sebaldus Church greet. In the middle of the city sits the Imperial castle. The fate of deceived Nuremberg on a regular basis. Although the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire should hold the first Parliament after the coronation, in each case in the Nuremberg Palatinate, you said reliable.

After all, the Nuremberg kept the crowning treasure, to the Imperial insignia troops were brought in 1796, before the advancing French revolution, in the Vienna Hofburg. Hitler, who was responsible for the darkest Chapter of Nuremberg’s history, brought back the treasure, the Americans transferred him back to Vienna. The Swiss franc stood with empty hands and maybe there is a reason that Nuremberg, kindle the virtues of the Christian market-iron guards. How to say Christ child Rebecca: “I am come to earth to make people happy.”

The trip was supported by the German Central for tourism. (editor-in-Tamedia)

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