The BVB shows with the victory at Schalke, the rivals is currently the benchmark for the claims by the table leader. Their coach Domenico Tedesco is one of the big losers of the Derby.

comment by Philipp Selldorf

Borussia Dortmund sporting Director Michael Zorc had after the Derby in Gelsenkirchen in the first-class opportunity to enjoy his baser emotions and the suffering of the unloved neighbors. After the 1:2 defeat against Borussia Dortmund Schalke 04 has played, now 22 points behind the rival, so large is the distance between the two clubs was felt only in the 80s of the last century – than Schalke in the second division. Zorc played as a young professional in the Dortmund midfield, the Derby belongs since 40 years to his life as Borussia Dortmund’s players.

22 points so, the hereditary enemy, Lord Zorc, what do you say? “This is not our theme”, explained Zorc, and that didn’t sound like a polite consideration to the tormented Schalke souls, but to lack of interest. Schalke 04 is currently not the scale of the Dortmund claims. You look at Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig, but also for that you need, in the meantime, a pair of binoculars, with nine points separating BVB from Bayern, eleven points back to the Leipzig.

This Derby was not necessarily the recommendation for the prediction that the Dortmund straight on the way to a championship title would be Lucien Favre’s team is already better looking and Casinoslot played better than on Saturday in Gelsenkirchen. But the most important arguments of the BVB had on his side: He had the game under control, he did not allow Schalke scoring chances, and he has found the interim 1:1 with Jadon Sancho’s hit an answer that followed the logic of the game action.

In the Derby counts Schalke coach Tedesco of the major losers

Immediately after the compensation, the Borussia had taken the game back into its possession after it had left previously, quite negligently, the scarf core. This victory looked like many of the favorites wins, the FC Bayern landed once with Ottmar Hitzfeld: You put a gate, then waiting economically, and if need be, to strike again.

For Schalke this lost Derby no reason to worry. With the defeat was expected, it was almost a success, that the house of lords were allowed to hope until the very end on the draw. What has to make the scarf core, the notorious poverty of playful expression. A systematic offensive game did not take place, and this was not only the fact that most of the attackers are injured. The coach Domenico Tedesco did His, as he started for the injured striker Burgstaller the outside defender Mendyl and the tip heats up.

Tedesco speculated on Mendyls pace, but the Plan went wrong. He had to change a total failure, and in the end he had failed, on top of that, the Derby hero of the year-on-year exchange. Naldo, 36, would have been able to do the disheartened scarf core well, if necessary, as a centre-forward. Tedesco had the Chance. In this game, the mood in Gelsenkirchen more important than the club next door, was one of the coaches of the big losers.