On 11. December will announce the “Time”Magazine the most influential “Person of the year” by 2018. This honor can also be a group assignment, last year, the magazine, for example, chose the #MeToo-women who had raised their voice against sexual Assault. By Breaking the silence, they would have triggered in the shortest amount of time a cultural “Revolution”, founder of the US magazine of the decision.

Video: #MeToo to the “Person of the year” 2017 is selected. (Tamedia/Twitter/Time)

according to the “Time”readers, this year, seven Korean men on the famous Cover of: The boy band BTS. The group won an Online survey and received more votes than the Planet earth, the Thai cave diving or Muhammad bin Salman, who entertained the world with his possible involvement in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi for months.

The last word on the actual Cover, the editorial, the survey shows, however, whom readers thought was the most influential “Person of the year” by 2018. Also, U.S. special investigator Robert Mueller, the new Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, the former First Lady Michelle Obama, South Korean President, Moon Jae-in, or the immigrant children in the United States. They received all of the approximately 4 percent of the vote.

cave diver course 3

With 7 percent of the vote, the Thai cave prior to this, divers placed, which is saved in the July 13 boys a football team from their plight. Of the missing message of the team to rescue over two weeks, the world’s attention was on the cave in the North of Thailand directed passed. The rescue divers were celebrated according to the complex and dangerous action as a hero, a diver lost in the preparations for the rescue of his Bahigo life.

the cave were Beaten by divers from the planet earth, what would be the see 9 percent of the readers on the Cover of next week. More influence on the year 2018, but according to the readers of the Korean boy band BTS – you received once again to 0.12 percent more votes than the earth.

In the article, in the “Time”Magazine calling for the election, there was no mention of the Band especially, and quite surprisingly, the top spot but it was a BTS shown, but by the end of October on a “Time”Cover.

The United States in the storm

captured, The group is currently the most famous boy band in the world, their Songs are in the charts at the top, and break on her world tour records. The seven South Koreans are already being compared with the Beatles or One Direction. They are called RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, V, and Jung Kook, are between 21 and 25 years of age and have conquered 2018, the United States by storm. Their albums were positioned in Position 1 in the charts and her concerts in North America within minutes, sold out.

the Name of The Band originally stood for “Bangtan Sonyeondan”, since 2017, the abbreviation stands for “Beyond the Scene” – Beyond the scene. At the latest since the in August 2018, launched the “BTS World Tour: Love Yourself” are the seven South Koreans now in the spotlight. In Seoul, they played in August in front of 90’000 Fans in Japan 380’000 Fans came to their five concerts. In Europe, the Band this year was only eleven days. In London, the performances in the two were out of stock, in Berlin, in nine minutes.


Created: 07.12.2018, 19:48 PM