Kortrijk It happened! After weeks of nail biting fans could of the City slechtvalkenkoppel Emma and Maarten see how there this morning around half past ten a chick came wheezing. Of the four eggs last month were laid in the nest box in the Sint-Maartenskerktoren, there was one more, but it turned out to be a topexemplaar.

It was a true thriller, but one with a good ending. Peregrine falcon Emma and Maarten explained last year, two times eggs, but who died all in the course of the hatching process. This time also explained to Emma, four eggs, and another killed three. “One of the eggs got destroyed when the against the edge of the box ended up, in a moment that Emma was startled flew away”, says ships of Environment Bert Herrewyn (sp.a). “Two other eggs were eaten by their parents. That happens more often in nature, when the birds will feel that there is something wrong with an egg. So there was only one egg. That egg could just as well not have been fertilized, so we could still be disappointed.”


Wednesday, then finally relief, with the birth of the chick. The discharge is large in the slechtvalkenliefhebbers. “In the 70s and 80s were the peregrine falcon became extinct in our region,” says Yves De Bosscher, head of the Vogelwerkgroep South-West-Flanders. “That the peregrines again, very quietly, on the rise, it is already top. That we have a birth of a slechtvalkje of close to experience, is great.”

1000 times viewed

a lot of people lived in the past few weeks with Emma and martin. “The movie of the moment at which the eggs were placed, was in the meantime already several thousand views,” says Bosscher. “People are already passionate about animals,” says vessels Herrewyn. “These non-mundane animals still have a nest in the centre of our city, that speaks extra to the imagination. Thanks to the webcam they can do and also to follow closely.” According to Bosscher, the images themselves are viewed by a Japanese. “Nice that there are people from far outside of Kortrijk also sympathize with our peregrine falcons.”


But that is a task of the city, a nest box around for these lovebirds, and in addition, webcam images are provided for the population? “As local government we have an important job to the biodiversity,” says Herrewyn. “If we nest an can contribute, why not? And by that webcam we create a greater support among the population for the choices and decisions we make to bring nature in to maintain in our city. Finally, there is the educational aspect, thanks to the webcam we can see how animals lay eggs, they hatch, how they food to their young.”

baby shower

And that is also unique, to confirm The Patients. “We have a successful nest box hanging in Harelbeke, where every year a boy was born. Only: there is no webcam. And then there in this nest two years ago, a successful nest was, and hung the webcam is not there yet. It is so with other words also for us the first time we get a successful brood so close to admire.” The name of the newborn City pride is later published, on a real baby shower. We’ll keep you of course also about the height.