Handball+ FOLLOW”Train a women’s team, so you get to see the”Russian tränardiktatorns strange response to SportbladetSPORTBLADET

NANTES. Russia may already be clear for the semis when they face Sweden.

How the reasoning from the Russian national team coach then?

– I suggest you become a trainer for a women’s team, you’ll see, ” says the legendary Yevgeny Trefilov to Sportbladet.

Russia won clearly against Serbia with 29-25.

This means that jordan may be ready for the semifinals in the european CHAMPIONSHIPS already in the morning if you take a point against Denmark.

Then waiting for Sweden on Wednesday.

”He determines”

When jordan was ready for the medium tour already before the last match against gruppjumbon Slovenia lost one after playing with a b-lineup long moments.

– I would think we go for it one hundred percent. But you may ask him. He decides, ” says the man of the match best player, Anna Vjachireva, and nods towards his coach a little further Bets10 away.

It is the somewhat mythologized tränardikatorn Yevgeny Trefilov, who is still Russia’s national coach. He has been since 1999 (minus a season 2012/13).

Photo: Nikolay Buyanov/TTTrefilov with a kalashnikov (!) after the OLYMPIC gold medal in 2016.”Train a women’s team you’ll see”

Sportbladet ask Trefilov at the official press conference after the match.

If you win against Denmark are you ready for the semifinals. How’s the reasoning then for the match against Sweden – it will be that your match against Slovenia?

– I suggest you become a trainer for a women’s team, you’ll see, ” answers Trefilov.

– Women are special, you can never predict how they are going to play or anything, ” he says cryptically before he gets a little more concrete.

– In the match against Slovenia, I wanted to use the opportunity to give all players playing time.

How he does against Sweden remains to be seen.