The American president Donald Trump, who is now 72 years old, is in “very good health”. That was decided after his annual physical tests, which took place yesterday. “I expect that he is healthy will continue throughout his presidency and beyond,” said doctor Sean Conley. His secret, according to his doctors? “Incredibly good genes.”

Conley and eleven specialists subjected the president for four hours to a series of medical tests in the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, a military hospital in Washington.

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Last year, it was revealed that the president five to seven had to lose weight. Trump, who is 108 kilos and 190,5 inches large, it would be to be obese. A custom diet and training program should ensure that he is not obese. There was even a dietician to the White House was sent to the chefs to assist in the reduction of the number of calories and fats in the work meals.