20 years ago, when Skoda still built Czech billigbiler, was born in a different pickup.

It was knaldgul, named the Felicia Fun, and gave quite groundbreaking its owner the opportunity to expand from two to four seats by temporarily involve a bit of charged. The two passengers were well enough to sit in the open air, but raised anyway the car to a new level on praktikerskalaen.

Now has Volkswagen decided to revive the idea in its forthcoming mini-pickup, VW Tarok, writes media Top Gear.

Bilmodellen, which has been showcased as a concept car at this year’s car show in São Paulo, Brazil, allows the driver to choose whether he need extra sædeplads or floor length.

the passenger Compartment consists to begin with of two row of seats, so the extra passengers it will say the opposite Felicia Fun could sit in the sun. In the event that the driver needs more space, he or she can fold the rear seats down or take them out completely and open a wide door to let.

It gets the length of the to grow from 1.2 to 1.9 metres with the rear seats folded.

Volkswagen writes in a press release that the VW Tarok will soon land on the brazilian market ‘without the big changes’ compared to the concept car. In the same breath, the open group, in addition, can also be sent out on other of the world’s roads.

– The avant-garde pickup also has the potential to boost Volkswagen’s range in the other global markets, writes Volkswagen in a press release.

Volkswagen has not yet elaborated on what the slightly cryptic phrase specifically means, or whether at some stage we will see the small pickup at our latitudes.

certain it is, however, that the Tarot becomes the second pickup on the VW’s range, when it comes on the market.

The first, Amarok, arrived in 2010 and has since been a fierce competitor to workhorses like the Toyota Hilux and Nissan Navara.

VW Tarok will to begin with be available with a petrol engine of 1.4 liter that makes 150 horsepower. It comes, by all accounts, to work for the cause, for the vehicle’s payload is, according to VW turned all the way up to about a ton. A turbodieselmotor of 2.0 liters, it also provides 150 hp, will follow later.

the Manufacturer has not yet published what the car is going to cost.