VEJLE (Extra Blade) It ended happily for Brøndby, on Sunday evening, brought his fourth victory in a row, as Ranked club in a strong second half turned the showdown against Vejle.

But the victory was a strange aftermath, as Brøndby coach Alexander Zorniger after the fight was called down to the fans to make the classic ‘Fenerbache-greeting’.

When the German Brøndby-chief had been cheered, he went up against a smaller group of clearly unhappy fans, who chanted against the Zorniger, who retaliated in a heated situation.

As Brøndby head-after the match, having to put words on the scene, he tried to downplay the fracas with the fans.

– Try to listen to this, I was called down by our big fangruppe, who applauded and shouted my name. I really feel that the fans support me, and I don’t have a finger to put on the support that I get from Brøndbys fans.

But there was clearly some fans you disagree with. What happened?

– I feel I have the support of 90 percent of Brøndbys fans. You can never make everyone happy, and the Bahis Siteleri important thing is that 100 percent of the fans support the club and the team.

How serious a situation is this, when you are standing and arguing with his own fans after a 2-1 win?

– I can only repeat my answer, for I feel I have support from the majority of Brøndbys fans. It is not something I would lie sleepless over, for the fans called me down, they clapped and cheered me.

After the fight song the fans ‘no over the club’. Who was it directed against?

I shall not be able to answer 100 percent, but I have been told that the fans sang against each other. But it is not something I can answer, it sounded from Alexander Zorniger, who, since the last round of play in the premier League has been in vogue, because he talked bad about the quality of Brøndbys own Masterclass and asked with 11 foreigners in hjemmekampen against Hobro.

– I make all my decisions for Brøndbys best. I’m employed to win football matches, and we have done it four games in a row. I am not satisfied with our presspil in the first half of the match against Vejle, but the positive is that we find a way to win the battles in this period. So I must live with that all do not agree in the way I do things, said Alexander Zorniger.

Brøndby are now alone on unique in scandinavia because the third place and the meetings of the last round, Again at home.

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