Because you want to buy just a loaf of bread and instead receive a lesson in sales psychology. Recently at Zurich’s trendiest bakery, the door was open, and the snake has filed as many days on the street. The organic sourdough bread from John the Baker, so much as a Background for all of Zurich, belongs to the basic food of all those who used to be called Szenis.

Yet while it is so in the case of John Baker and who is concerned about the paradoxical effect of queues (the longer, the more desirable), something else catches the eye: how strikingly young and handsome women and men in the Granola are the rich, over the counter and in the Background of the dough rollers. Coincidence? Hardly.

The staff should act in such a way as healthy as the vegan pigtail

call at Jens Jung, managing Director of John Baker. Must be nice to be able to when you sell bread? Young says he does not select his employees according to their appearance, with him in the bakery, the 50-Year-old with abdominal approach. “But of course we are looking for people that fit us, our Lifestyle and radiate.” He speaks of a “dynamics”: “As an employer, we have a certain attraction to those who eat consciously and to beauty and Design, and these people as our employees, in turn, is similar thinking to draw customers.”

In some Professions, requirements to the Outer have long been common: The Swiss requiring their Flight Attendants normal weight and a minimum height of 1.58 meters. For a company, particularly in service occupations, is crucial, how its employees look, think, act. Because our consumer decisions are also Statements.

people Who shop at John Baker, in connection with attributes such as health-conscious, ecologically mindful, and you want to see in the Person is reflected, the sold a the vegan spelt braid. Add to this: beauty is today strongly associated with health and naturalness, which will match to the Image of John Baker.

Beautiful people, confirmed the us the science, easier to go through life, you deserve better, you get to court, less penalties, and they are held for intelligent. Only logical, therefore, that companies want to hire you like: Pretty people attract other pretty people. But in the world of consumption, the thing is more complicated.

A lovely seller makes customers jealous

Attractive sales clerks, and sellers getting more sales does Bahisarena not mean that the science magazine “Journal of Consumer Research showed” three years ago, in a series of experiments – on the contrary, you can even take the pleasure of consumption. Especially when it comes to purchases, which are felt to be rather embarrassing.

In an attempt women was presented with a waist belt, a pretty, styled the seller, once by the same man with unfrisiertem hair and oversized Shirt. Optionally, the waist belt as a slimming aid (“embarrassing product”), or as a device for muscle relaxation (“harmless product was presented to them”). The unpleasant subject matter, so the supposed decreasing help, the women are much more thinking about their appearance, if they were served from the attractive Version and they bought less. So: the more beautiful the sales person, the more inhibited we are.

Now could be solved, say, then we’ll get the condoms and hemorrhoid ointment just in case of a representative of our own sex Problem. Unfortunately, no. Because even with good-looking staff of the same sex we experience negative feelings and jealousy – the direct comparison is a seems to be of one’s own attractiveness to doubt.

Other studies come to similar results. So especially for the young customers of the seller can, according to an Australian study, indoor unsettling that you consider prettier than yourself – so much so, that you refrain, ultimately, from the purchase. Very distinctive personnel is perceived as a social threat, whether it was mobile phones or cosmetics.

How much can have a negative impact on the turnover, also show examples from the American fashion industry. The now deposed head of the US fashion chain Abercrombie & Fitch, Mike Jeffries, said, he has a point, only attractive women, and men, his fashion was finally made for the “Cool Kids”. The employees were in-house jargon “Models” and welcomed customers with a naked six-pack torso, or in a Bikini.

American Apparel is no longer required of applicants to full-body photos

Cool, this exaggerated physicality was at some point, and the former cult of the brand, several times with allegations of discrimination and racism faced, has prescribed in the meantime a change of image. Not much better is the American dress chain American Apparel, which was later to go bankrupt did it. Also there was only able to work, who was the chief handsomely enough. A few years ago came out, that in the case of applications full-body photos required.

Probably the secret of the perfect employee lies in its imperfection. Most of us are average. Only we hear the not-so-fond of, and therefore, the sellers and the seller may be beautiful, but not flawless: it’s because they remind us of our own mediocrity.

(Sunday newspaper)

Created: 24.11.2018, 17:59 PM