The spiritual, meditation, mindfulness, new age and tantra – the danes have in recent years somewhat reversed the traditional religions back and turned towards the other spiritual worldviews in the quest for self-development.

In the popular tantra unite sexuality and spirituality, and recently opened a shop in Copenhagen with the sale of healing krystaldildoer, self-help books on the spiritual side of her sexuality and naughty lingerie.

Jakob Kærgaard, cand. mag in philosophy, teaches people to cultivate their sexual energy and separate the release from the orgasm, and it is central elements in the tantric universe, as he has been in contact with for more than 15 years. We had a chat with him about this coupling of sex and spirituality:

– I like the word ’spirit’ in English. Any approach to sex, which implies an exploration of new sides of oneself, I think, as a minimum, have the character of ’personal development’ through sex. In practice, much of the tantra is taught in around this.

– Last I spoke after, I made my way to the eight-nine self-declared tantraskoler just here in little Denmark. And it is the schools or directions which, although they are far different in their approaches, all working with one or another kind of conscious/spiritual approach to sexuality. the
Photo: Julie Lindegaard Larsen
– Next there is the more mainstream-like versions of tantra, such as the tantra massage, which is probably what has been most known, especially because it could be made into an easily sellable product. Which, however, do not change, that it can be a very effective tool to arouse people’s body, sexuality and sensuality, and give a whole new experience of the relationship between these, says Kærgaard.

– Then there are the deeper and more ’spiritual’ experiences, where you can experience the decidedly advanced states of consciousness during sex. F. ex. orgasms that spreads out throughout your body and changes the work and the feel of your body, or the experiences of momentarily leaving his body, or melt together with your partner.

– The type of experiences requires an awareness of the energy in the body and an ability to steer/steer/lean into it, which at least taught in some of the tantraskolerne – and also of the undersigned, says Kærgaard, who has blogged about tantraens history here.

Jakob Kærgaard believe there are several reasons behind this trend:

– One reason is that we have henslæbt 2000 years of a religion that looked down on sex and repressed sex, and made it into something sinful and diabolical. I am experiencing, there is a deep need in our culture to reclaim the sexual as something potentially holy, and as a part of the spirit and our inner life.

– This need is, in fact, only stronger with the extremely tangible a focus on sex, which is everywhere around us, in the form of 10 tips for the best orgasm and what you have now otherwise can write articles about and in the form of the porn industry, as the degree focuses on the visual and it can turn on, the shock and medrive on a screen, explains mandecoachen.

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According to the Kærgaard sexuality gradually is one of the only places we have left where we have the opportunity to ’lose ourselves’:

– In our gennemregulerede, overkontrollerede life and society, there are not really any areas that are really dangerous anymore, or where you really are in the lord’s field, and can lose control. And there is something in us humans that longs to lose control.

– Just once in a while. Life has been incredibly ’safe’. And the more it does it, the more longing we unconsciously after, to challenge ourselves and to find one or another that is unknown and wild and dangerous and seductive.

And sexuality can be just that, and it is clearly also one of the reasons why people are experimenting more and more sexual. Because it is now one of the only places where you can be ’torn a little round of life’. When there is an outer limit, we can continue to advance, then we start to move on the single, believe Kærgaard.

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– What can you get out of it?
– You can get some totally new experiences of yourself. Some brand new experiences of what an intimate and/or sexual encounter can be. And it can be extremely rewarding. Next, there is a wide range of tangible benefits that you can get out of working consciously with sexuality. 1xbet

– Many couples find that it can boost sex at home again, if it is sevet out a little after a period of time with small children and very practical in everyday life. And for the man he can do it to master the sexual energy in the body to solve a lot of sexual dysfunctions, such as premature ejaculation, potency, performance anxiety, and much more. This, among other things, I’m working with.

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– What was your own path into this universe?
– I even started on a tantric yogaskole here in Copenhagen about 15 years ago, because I got a girlfriend, who convinced me that it was a good idea. I’m very thankful for today. Next, I have examined the phenomenon very much on your own. Been on a number of different workshops, both here and abroad, and among others with the american author and teacher David Deida.

– I have also in periods been meditating a lot and had an intense yoga practice, and I have trained quite a few martial arts. In my experience it’s all ways work with the body, mind and energy. Which is a really good premise for a conscious approach to sex.

– Finally, I have read quite a few books on the subject and trained me with various boyfriends through the years. These are some of the experiences I have had through the years with my partners, which means that I teach what I do today.

Read more about Jacob here.

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Associate professor in the comparative study of religion Mikael Rothstein has previously given his views on what this sex-spirirualitetsbølge is all about.

– do you See an increased interest in spirituality and sexuality, where sex acts as a kind of way to higher consciousness/self-knowledge/divinity?
– Yes, it is probably in the growth. People have long been interested in various forms of self-development. Sex plays a role in everyone’s life, and now connects to so sex with the notions of a good life, ‘spiritual development’, self-realization and the kind of.

– How do you define spirituality? the
People call themselves ‘spiritual,’ when they will not be called ‘religious.’ They perceive ‘the spiritual’ as the true, freely and openly, while ‘religion’ is something closed, restrictive and controlled. In the professional sense, is spirituality just a form of religion without organization and with weak governance and dogmatics.

– Tantra and the whole of the universe is imported from the East as much more new age deep thought. Spoken often of The feminine and The masculine, on the essences and energies – which elements and forces, is behind all, and in us – why is it again and again and again to the East, people find spiritual inspiration?
– The eastern religions is much more about just self-development. You can be anything more than it is, if you meditate, cultivate yoga, etc. The kind of performances is connected with our own society’s fascination of the growth. We have to move forward, be better, achieve more all the time, also with regard to the religious. And so thinking people themselves, that the ‘energies’ and the sort is nearest to the scientific categories, and they are too happy.

Oh, God, I come!

Perhaps there is a deeper meaning behind your cheering ‘oh my god, oh my god,’ when you are about to come.

For american research indicates that many men feel more spiritual and closer to God when they are having sex.

It does not mean, however, that God, or his consciousness, or other spirits are necessarily present, when you love with your loved one.

the Researchers believe that it is all the fault of a proper shot of the hormone oxytocin, kærlighedshormonet, which is excreted in the blood stream during sex and orgasm.

In the study shared a number of men up into two groups. The one got a shot of oxytocin, the other a placebo.

Oxytocingruppen specified then, to a greater extent than the placebo group, that spirituality was an important factor in their lives.

They also expressed that they felt cohesion with other people and all living things.

Oxytocin also led to positive emotions such as admiration, gratitude, hope, inspiration and love.

so It might also help to explain why tantradyrkere often talk a lot about spirituality, spirituality and cohesion. Oxytocin is secreted also, when cuddling, breastfeeding and giving birth.