“looking ahead, the Mast kiss and smile,” says Surf instructor Mohamed the beginner, before he sends you in Soma Bay, 50 kilometres South of Hurghada for the first Time on the water. With his easygoing nature of Egyptians took to the skeptics that commented on whether the offshore wind concerns the Wind out of the sails. In the hip-deep, in the middle of November is still 23 degrees Celsius warm water we dare the first Attempts. The width of the Board allows for a stable Position during Mounting of the sail. This is out of the water, the front Hand to the Mast. “With two fingers of the rear Hand you have to grab the fork tree,” declared the instructor on the beach. So you’ll stay looser. We take a journey.

After a few minutes, we try it on the turn, at the beginning we rotated the Board in the water standing in the new direction of travel. Without an abortion, crosses, our group in the beach. Cockiness is punished with a diver. The short neoprene suit prevents a premature exercise termination due to sub-cooling in the stiff breeze. So a Surfer will be able to do an hour, even a jibe. Mohamed, it is acknowledged with a broad Grin. “Everything good?” the Egyptians, speaking fluent English greeted us back at the beach. It is the term he uses most frequently when he speaks with his guests.

the Robinson-Club, water sports station by Torsten Sroke affiliated. The German reports of regulars, the “up to five times a year to arrive and your Material with us.” For all others, the surf station, stops 100 boards and sails for the loan. “High on the year, our Material will be expected this year 31’000 hours,” says Sroke. The holidays, guests also have access to sailing boats and Equipment, but for kite surfing. At wind strengths of around 6 on the Beaufort scale and a wind probability of 60 percent to 80 percent in the summer, the experts come to your invoice. The station Manager acknowledges: “There are certainly better spots, but we can deal with the Rest of the family.” High in the course are scuba diving, snorkeling, beach volleyball or Yoga. In Onbahis the winter months sports are rather species such as Tennis or Golf.

In the Club in Hurghada, the watch is different

can enjoy the guests of your holiday in the light of day, has introduced the Resort of Soma Bay is a private club of time. This is ahead of the local time, the Swiss time two hours. Sunset would be on the Red sea in the middle of November already 16: 45,, sunrise shortly after 6 o’clock. So early in the least number of tourists from the springs to bounce on.

Swiss re-book trips to Egypt. After the Arab spring of 2011, the dismissal of Mohamed Morsi by the military in 2013, and the presumed a-bomb-induced crash of a Russian passenger plane with 224 people on Board, in the case of Sharm el-Sheikh 2015, the business had collapsed completely. Edelweiss flew from Zurich once a week to Hurghada. Last summer there were four flights, currently there are five, also in the next summer. There is “no alternative” is the Destination on the Red sea, said Martin Wittwer, CEO of TUI Suisse. “In the Winter there are on the flight distance of four hours is nowhere a better price-performance ratio for people that appreciate the beach, good weather and hospitality.”

The local guide will give loose. Like his colleague, Mohamed Islam, asks, “Everything good?” as he tour us around 7 PM for a snorkel on the island of Mahmya. On the 45-minute boat ride to a half-dozen dolphins triggers onboard hustle and bustle. Everyone wants to scan the sea mammals. Quiet, it is on the reef under the water. To admire, there are corals and fish in all shapes and colors. Back on Board, Islam explained to us how he has books English self-taught. “Arabic literature I read, which is boring,” he says. Despite excellent language skills, he traveled never, in the German language area.

The trip was supported by TUI Suisse. (Sunday newspaper)

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