“Work without the author” by Director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck has been nominated in the category “Best foreign language Film” for a Golden Globe. The actor Daniel Brühl is also for his role in the crime series “The encirclement” as best actor in a series nomination. the

The Film “a work without the author” is in the running for a Golden Globe. The artist’s portrait of Director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck has been nominated in the category “Best non-English language Film”.

last January, had won the NSU-Drama “Out of Nothing” by Fatih Akin the Golden Globe as the best foreign film. Henckel von Donnersmarck had a Globe with the Stasi Drama “the lives of Others” in 2007, the chances of getting a Golden, at the award ceremony, he was empty. He repeated but in the same year, the foreign film Academy award.

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Netflix shows a darker Version of “the jungle book”. And “Under the Silver Lake” is a sightseeing tour through the Los Angeles of the Trendbet Spinner and tensioner.

“work without the author” is not in this year’s German candidate for the Oscar nominations in the category of best foreign language Film. It’s about the life of a painter (Tom Schilling), and a medical Professor (Sebastian Koch), from national socialism in the German democratic Republic, to West Germany during the sixties. For the history Donnersmarck has the biography of the artist Gerhard Richter inspire. In addition to “work without the author” is not in the category of “Best foreign Film” from the Lebanese movie “Capernaum” is nominated, as well as “Girl” from Belgium, “Roma” from Mexico and “Shoplifters” from Japan.

the actor Daniel Brühl has Globe chances of getting a Golden. He is nominated for his role in the crime series “The encirclement,” which is seen when streaming service Netflix, as the best lead actor in a series. Brühl plays a psychologist who is supposed to educate in New York in 1896, a series of murders. Brühl to Antonio Banderas in “Genius: Picasso” and Hugh Grant in the series “A Very English Scandal”. In addition, in the category for Benedict Cumberbatch for his role in the “Patrick Melrose” and Darren Criss in the series “The Assassination of Gianni Versace” is nominated.

announced The nominations for the awards of the Association of foreign press (HFPA) in 25 Film and television categories were on Thursday. The award ceremony will take place on may 6. January in Beverly Hills instead.