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Xiaomi does it again. Update Mi the A2 is as close as you can get the most expensive mobiles, but costs a pittance, according to Tek.no:s tech expert who has given it a proper run.

the Undersigned now has a couple of years of experience of testing cheap mobiles, and over the years, it must be said that the quality has Kolaybet been increased significantly.

Therefore, without doubt there has been many glimmers of hope on the road – just check on the Motorola Moto G4 Plus or the Huawei Honor 6, for example. Spread between the highlights, however, it has also been traktorlass with low-resolution monitors, dödstråkiga plastkonstruktioner, and downright depressionsutlösande cameras.

today, however, we have finally reached the point where you actually do not need to give up any of these things in a cheap mobile.

Xiaomi Mi A2 is the further development of last year’s Mi A1, a phone we already prislovade for their many good qualities. But both Mi A1 Mi A2 is also special in a completely different way than just great hardware – they are part of Google’s Android One program.