A 28-year-old man died tragically when he was run over in the darkness of several cars at a popular tourist attraction-the bifurcation of Holbækmotorvejen Tuesday evening around 23 o’clock.

Police believe that he was pushed out on the roadway of his 30-year-old buddy, who has been charged with the killing, in the alternative to violence resulting in death and manslaughter. However, he was released in grundlovsforhøret Wednesday, because the judge believed there was a basis for pre-trial detention. But the police maintains the charge until further notice.

The accused has explained, that he and his friend were very full and had been thrown off by a taxi on the highway, after they had come up to discuss with the driver about the price. Here, they tried to get some cars to stop. But the now deceased was, according to the defendants ‘ explanation is very far-fetched on the road, which was the aimed to try to pull him into the side of the road.

112 – 5. dec. 2018 – at. 17:20 Aims to push friend: the Victim was påkørt of several cars.

But suddenly disappeared his friend in the eyes of him, he explained heavily influenced in court.

112 – 5. dec. 2018 – at. 14:23 Released after the drama on the highway: Charged with pushing friend out in front of cars

They stood according to the police on the highway during the period 21.30-23, where the way was removed by the police, but returned.

Their dangerous behavior is captured by Peter Bjørnslevs dashcam, there is a small camera, you can put in the windscreen.

Peter Bjørnslev came running at Holbækmotorvejen at 21.39, where he was on the way to the Royal Arena to pick up his neighbor’s son, who was Betxlarge at work.

He says, that there is a weak swing before the place where the person was standing on the roadway in dark clothing in the completely dark stretch.

– I have the feeling that a man jumps out from the car, and I can’t see him, before he is five-six meters in front of me. I’m wondering if it was a hitchhiker or an idiot, trying to scare the life of people, says Peter Bjørnslev.

He saw only a man, and on the video it seems that there is something white out of the side of the road.

– I pull in the steering wheel and swings over to the left, and as you can hear, banging I horn in, and say ’to hell’, he says, and continues:

I am relieved that it is not me, that hits a person. It is not fun for anyone, he says.

The man who inadvertently påkørte the now deceased, was on the way home from work in an Opel, around 23 o’clock on Tuesday evening.

He explained to the police that he saw a person push the person who went out on the roadway, with a sharp push with both hands.

He was not at all in doubt, that there was a deliberate push, and that the other person’s action was 100 percent deliberate.

At Copenhagen is Ranked the Police tells efterforskningsleder Ole Nielsen, that they are in time to draw a comprehensive picture of the episode.

– We continue to hear from witnesses, he says, and mentions that they of course would like to hear from more witnesses who saw the actual impact. However, there was talk about a split second on a not very busy road at the time.

in Addition to the body of the deceased autopsy.

the Impact occurred at about 23 o’clock in the Holbækmotorvejens westbound lanes at Vallensbæk, just before the highway splits, respectively Roskilde (west) and Ishøj (south) near Vallensbæk Lake (water skiing lake) and the Store Vejleå.