A 33-year-old man has been påkørt of a light-rail access at Randersvej in Aarhus on Sunday at 14.35. It informs vagtchef by east Jutland Police, Jens Henrik Jensen.

the Man crossing the tracks, even though the driver honking repeatedly, tells vagtchefen and elaborates:

– He goes like diagonally across the rails, and then he påkørt behind.

Vagtchefen also says that the man was hurt in the accident, but that he nevertheless was sent to the emergency room.

He raises himself up after the impact and are able to go ahead, telling vagtchefen and informs that the man was affected by the impact.

Impact led to the letbanetrafikken was paralyzed on the line between Aarhus main Station and Lisbjergskolen, but Polobet according to vagtchefen is all soon at normal modes again.

– It is a matter of a few minutes, informs he.

According to the vagtchefen was the driver of the light rail replaced after the impact, as it is normal procedure.

– the driver and the driver has it under the circumstances well, telling vagtchefen.

There is talk about it 17. the case of a collision of a counterparty to a year and a half.

In most cases, the accidents have been caused by the fact that the other party has been inattentive or has not respected a red light.

On the Midttrafiks website, it appears that the operation on the line is re-established.