Research & science+ FÖLJNy study: Zero benefit with tillskottFoto: Henrik Montgomery/TTNyttan with some dietary supplements are being questioned in a major new study. Arkivbild.HEALTH

Supplements with vitamin D or omega-3 does not reduce the risk of cancer or cardiovascular disease in healthy people, according to a study in Today’s News refers.

The almost 26 000 healthy adults over 50 years included in the study were Piabet given either the equivalent of 50 micrograms of D-vitamin, 1 gram of omega-3 or placebo every day. The disappointing results showed that about as many affected by cancer and cardiovascular disease, regardless of what they took.

– It is also in line with what a large study from New Zealand come to, ” says Håkan Airport, professor in clinical pharmacology at Uppsala university, to DN.

The five-year-long Vitalstudien presented at the hjärtkongressen AHA in Chicago and the results are published in the scientific journal the New England Journal of Medicine.