Although the business is in no way running on rails, so is the self-confidence is absolutely not gone out of the window in as Daniel Agger together with a number of other wealthy minority have invested in. On the contrary.

recent years have millionunderskud replaced millionunderskud. Latest accounts show a deficit of 23.4 billion kroner, which is a decline compared to the previous year, when the deficit was at 17.6 million.

at the same time the box has been was re-established by the top investors who still believe in the project with an online forum for tattoo.

According to Johan Plenge, director and-invest, is it because it is a very lucrative market.

‘We are investing increasingly in to scale the platform to strengthen our position as the largest global marketplace in the field of tattoo, which is a $50 billion. market’, he writes in an email to Ekstra Bladet.

Other places than in the pengetanken, the company has since also success, seems Perabet to understand:

‘We are experiencing continued strong growth and this year alone, our user base has grown 500 % to over 5 million registered users and tattoo parlors on the platform.’

the Site is a kind of marketplace for the tattoo, where tattoo parlors can get in touch with the customers, and going forward, the people behind the site, a new measure on the way, which should help get the economy going.

‘We have just launched our first digital subscriptions, which give tattooists the opportunity to use Tattoodo to gain new customers, which we have great expectations. So we are looking very bright for the future’, writes Johan Plenge.

in addition to Daniel Agger has, among other things, the celebrity tattoo artist Ami James invested money in the company.

the Extra Leaf has undergone a large number of the investments, as Daniel Agger has made. And while it is running with minus in there are two places where millionerne pour in. You can read more about here.