Two young men are arrested after a brawl that took place late Friday night outside police headquarters in Hillerød, denmark. Here was held the christmas party for police officers and other staff at the police headquarters.

– We get a review on the case at 23.45, there are sounds of an assault. There was a christmas party at police headquarters, and it is an employee who has been mugged, says David Borchersen, vagtchef, north Zealand Police.

– We are fairly early on in the process, and we examine the pt, if there is a basis for the two arrested persons must be produced in grundlovsforhør, and, where appropriate, must be arrested additional people in the case, adding vagtchefen.

– We also investigate whether the individuals who participated in the attack, knew there was talk about police officers, or whether it is a coincidence, says vagtchefen.

He will not go into details, who the two arrested.

A witness, who casually stayed Taraftarium in the area, tells how some of the guests at the christmas party were stood outside and smoke. At the same time, a group of young ethnic Danish men of the past.

Here was the cry of one or other, that got the young passers-by to react, and they went to julefrokostgæsterne.

Shortly after was the scramble in time.

– They seemed like some hard-boiled bølletyper. They was probably ten or so. They went up against twenty to thirty officers.

the Witness says that, shortly after arriving patrol cars, but it was not the young men to withdraw. Instead continued the scramble.

There were both thrown bottles and there was blood on the ground, telling the witness, who also informs that getting ambulances to the site.

Vagtchefen by north Zealand Police will not comment on Ekstra further information on how the episode should have played out.

– As I said, we are investigating the matter, the more have I not to say to the right now.