Nasty Surprises for long-distance travelers. Because of the Strikes of the railway and transport Union electronic ballast, the railway has set the entire long-distance traffic until nine o’clock. But even after that, the state company expects to see a significant impact. Who can, should move, therefore, his travel as far as possible, advises the railway. In the long-distance transport, all for Monday purchased Flex tickets to Sunday to remain valid, saver tickets, which are issued for Monday, will still be valid for domestic travel not applicable. Passengers in long-distance transport can return your tickets, however, and get the full fare refunded. Information and Links to the form in order to apply for compensation, there are on the Internet at Travellers can contact you with questions on the telephone Hotline 08000/996633.

Who is competing on Monday still, his journey and arrives late, it may require the usual compensation. In the case of a delay of an hour it returns 25 percent of the ticket price, the train at least two hours later, it is 50 percent.

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restrictions, and cancellations in Berlin

Berlin has reached the rail Chaos on Monday. Regional trains will only go as of Tuesday, according to the roadmap, the S-Bahn should be starting again 14 PM schedule, before there was Chaos. Several S-Bahn and regional train lines were suspended or discontinued, including the ring-Bahn lines and the tram. Several lines were only on the outskirts or outside the S-Bahn ring (for more information on the website of the S-Bahn). To was Evil, also the technique in the Morning, temporarily: “In the entire Berlin S-Bahn network have failed the speaker. There is no acoustic passenger information available at the moment,” said the S-Bahn in around seven o’clock on Twitter. Just under an hour the Problem was fixed. At the weekend there had been problems with the Tannoy system.

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to order At the Central station, a long queue in front of the information center of the railway, the railway is forming in the Morning staff serve coffee to the waiting travelers. Here, too, no train and no train rolling. The S-Bahn is asking passengers on the metro, buses and trams to avoid.

However, in the case of the BVG, the strike is noticeable: buses, especially outside the S-Bahn ring are crowded, passengers sometimes have to wait for the next Bus. The U5 between Lichtenberg and Honow, and U7 between Rathaus Spandau and Rudow are on Monday morning, says BVG spokeswoman Petra Reetz. Here it comes to delays. The U5 is particularly heavily frequented, because the S-train is only to Lichtenberg. Employees of the BVG, A support at the rail station of Lichtenberg and the entry and exit, so that the trains can depart. Other lines were less affected, because there is no access from the S-coming train, so Reetz.

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“We have also been out of the strike surprised,” says the spokeswoman. The LPP is asking passengers, not necessarily more time. “At least half an hour,” says Reetz.