“It’s a setup to get me out of their father’s life.” Presented as Alain Delon’s “lady in waiting”, Hiromi Rollin spoke for the first time since the actor’s children’s two complaints against her. The latter accuse him of moral harassment against their father. “I am calm because all the accusations made against me are false. I have absolutely nothing to reproach myself for,” she declared to Le Parisien. “As we love each other, the only solution for them was to invent things to accuse me. It’s an exploitation of justice.” She claims to have been living a love story with the actor for “thirty-three years”.

“I was evicted with brutality, assaulted by a bodyguard hired by the Delon children in the presence of gendarmes and a cameraman outside the property,” Hiromi Rollin also added, on the subject of her “expulsion » from the house in Douchy-Montcorbon (Loiret), where the actor lives, on July 5. “I found myself on the street with nothing for five days, with the same clothes. They didn’t let me take any of my things, I only had 60 euros with me. For these alleged facts, Hiromi Rollin filed a complaint for “violence, theft and slanderous denunciation” against the actor’s children.

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The former assistant director also refutes the term “companion lady”: “We behaved like a normal couple, we had tender gestures towards each other in front of everyone, we kissed each other, the children saw him, they knew very well that, until Alain’s stroke, we shared the same bed. She also claims to have taken care of the actor “all alone” after his stroke: “I never had any help from his children, nor the slightest recognition from them”.

Alain Delon’s children filed two complaints for moral harassment against Hiromi Rollin. In the first, Anthony, Anouchka and Alain-Fabien denounce Hiromi Rollin’s “denigrating and aggressive attitude” towards their father in particular, as well as “his actions tending to capture letters and telephone messages for his own benefit” of the octogenarian. According to the prosecution, Alain Delon joined in “by signed declaration attached to the complaint”.

Hiromi Rollin maintains to Le Parisien that it is “impossible” that the actor “signed this letter with knowledge of its contents”, assuring that they were “still in love after thirty-three years”. For the former assistant director, Alain Delon would be “manipulated” by his children. She would not dare contact him for fear that “his phone would be under control”.

A second complaint was filed by the eldest son, Anthony, notably for acts of violence against a vulnerable person and abuse of weakness. According to the Delon children’s lawyer, Me Christophe Ayela, Hirmomi Rollin “continues to isolate Alain Delon from his loved ones, his friends, and his family, using maneuvers and threats” since the accident stroke of the actor in 2019. A preliminary investigation was opened on July 6 by the Montargis public prosecutor’s office.