There is no doubt that the 43-year-old american woman Amy Parrino beats a proper fist. And she has also incredible hard to control his temper.

The evidence of a case from Boone in the state of Missouri in the UNITED states, where Amy Parrino Sunday was arrested and remanded in custody for serious violence and sexual assault against his male lover.

In connection with the attack, which took place at nine o’clock in the evening, refused her boyfriend to give oral-sex to Amy Parrino. But she found herself not in. Subsequently got the male girlfriend 25 punched on the body and on the face and was beaten with a belt and a cell phone.

It writes multiple media including Metro and the New York Post.

And the Smoking Gun has also published legal documents from the case in connection with a questioning of the male victim.

In the documents, it appears that the severity of violence took place in the male girlfriend’s house. After the many punched chased the naked Amy Parrino supposedly his terrified girlfriend around the house, while he told her that she should let him be in peace.

she listened, however, Onwin not to. She was however, forced his male lover down on the floor. And then she sat naked astride on his face and screamed to him:

– Candy my f…..

In the documents, it appears also, that the man for several seconds could not breathe, while Amy Parrino sat on his face. He was scared to death.

The 43-year-old Amy Parrino is on the police images photographed both the front and from the side.(Boone County Sheriff’s Office)

The male victim explained to the police that the whole incident has made him ill and gave him nausea. He stresses that he did not want to have sex with Parrino.

After the attack, it was found that the male victim had a ca. ten centimeters deep gash on both the right arm and left arm. He also had a gash in the middle of the nose, as he tells that he had got when Amy Parrino violently sat down on his face. In addition, the husband did several red and blue marks on the body, probably after the many battles he had with the belt.

In interviews with the police the male victim also explained that the violence in the relationship with Parrino has escalated and has become more frequent. The man has told, that Parrino, can very quickly become violent, and that he constantly fears for its safety.

in Addition to the charges of violence and sexual abuse against the male victim, Parrino also in connection with his imprisonment been charged to have smeared feces on the wall of his cell in the prison and to have smashed up a prison telephone.

A judge has already given Parrino prohibition to contact the male victim, and she must not come near his dwelling.